Yippie! UGC Expert Committee Recommends Phasing Out Dissection

Posted on by PETA

The countless e-mails, letters and the voice of animal activists and supporters have been heard!

A member of the UGC’s expert committee called us to say they have recommended that the animal dissection requirement for students be dropped from UGC undergraduate zoology curriculum. Well, after hearing that the first thing I wanted to do was share the news with all of you.The expert committee of the University Grants Commission advocated the use of modern methods like computer simulations, interactive CD-ROMs, films, charts and lifelike models. These methods are technologically advanced and they teach animal sciences more effectively. This hopefully means animals will soon no longer be used as disposable beings in undergraduate zoology classes.

The battle is far from over but today we surely have reached a milestone.Research has shown that a significant number of students at every educational level are uncomfortable with the use of animals in dissection and experimentation. Using animals in classroom experiments gives students the subtle message that there is no need to consider the lives, capacities, and habitats of animals. We are so glad that the UGC expert committee is trying to get rid of dissection at least at the undergraduate level.T

hank you UGC expert committee for working to save countless lives and let’s hope there will soon be an end to the usage of animals for dissection all throughout zoology curriculum at all education levels. This is the surely a welcome first step!