Lend a Hand to Help Cut Out Dissection

Posted on by PETA

Hey, students, can you give abused animals a hand? All you have to do is write “Cut Out Dissection” on your palm(s) using bold, colourful markers and go around high-fiving your friends. How simple is that?!

When your curious pals ask about the message, explain that animals are killed cruelly for classroom dissections. Although the University Grants Commission  has advised all universities in India to stop using animals, some colleges across the country, including the University of Delhi, have ignored this advice and continue to support the killing of animals such as frogs and rats.

Such abuse does not belong in the classroom. All animals feel pain and value their lives just as people do. There are kinder, cheaper, more ecological ways to teach anatomy. Progressive schools use computer software, simulators, manikins, and other non-lethal methods to teach students about life. If you give animals a hand and encourage your classmates never to dissect them, more institutions may opt to use these humane and effective methods.

Be sure to send a photo of your hand with “Cut Out Dissection” on it to Youth@petaindia. Your photo may even be featured on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Thanks for lending a hand!