Video: Rescued Elephant Sunder Celebrates Diwali!

Posted on by PETA

Greetings from PETA India! We thought you might enjoy this adorable new PETA India video showing rescued elephant Sunder enjoying giant laddus made of his favourite fruits for Diwali.

As you may know, Sunder‘s life wasn’t always so joyful: in 2007, as a very young elephant, he was given as a gift to a temple in Kolhapur, where he was kept chained in solitary confinement and routinely abused. When PETA India learned about his plight, he had an injured eye, a hole in his ear, and scars all over his body from the cruelty he had endured. Following appeals from hundreds of thousands of PETA India supporters – including Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson, and Amitabh Bachchan – the Supreme Court of India ruled in favour of PETA India. In 2014, Sunder was moved to his new home at the Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru, where he can walk, swim, and socialise with other elephants.

“It’s our privilege to have Sunder as part of our Bannerghatta Biological Park family. He is truly a gentle giant who loves the company of other elephants as well as his keepers,” says Vanashree Vipin Singh, IFS, chief conservator of forests and executive director of Bannerghatta Biological Park. “He has gradually habituated to his life here in Bannerghatta and we will continue to give him all the care and love. Special thanks to all his well-wishers from all over the world and PETA for bringing light into Sunder’s life as well as for their continuous support and love.”

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