Udaipur Deemed ‘Most Vegan-Friendly City’ of 2023 by PETA India

Posted on by Shreya Manocha

This World Vegan Month (November), PETA India is recognising Udaipur as India’s Most Vegan-Friendly City of 2023. In thanks for encouraging vegan-friendly establishments and a growing vegan community, Shri Govind Singh Tank, mayor of Udaipur Municipal Corporation, received PETA India’s certificate.


Home to the headquarters of India’s game-changing vegan meat brand GoodDot and several locations of its offshoot chain of eateries GoodDO, Udaipur is also a hotspot for numerous other vegan-friendly establishments offering Western and Rajasthani food – which is often naturally vegan if ordered without ghee.

Those wishing to keep animals out of their wardrobes can head to Maati by Neha Kabra’s outlet in the city, which sells high-quality, cruelty-free fashion and accessories, and vegans and the vegan-curious can get together through Udaipur Vegan India Movement on social media.

By going vegan, each person can spare nearly 200 animals every year and help combat speciesism – the belief used to defend treating other animals as tools for experiments, food ingredients, fabric, or playthings. This human-supremacist mentality contributes to the deaths of billions of animals each year, the climate catastrophe, and the emergence of zoonotic diseases – like bird flu – linked to the rearing of animals for food.

The vegan street food scene in Udaipur is also thriving, with quick and easy access to aloo pyaaz ki kachori, poha, mirchi vada, and many other delicious snacks.

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