Top 10 PETA India Demonstrations of the Decade

Posted on by PETA

During the past 10 years, PETA India has organized innumerable eye-catching demonstrations to call attention to cruelty to animals and teach people about what they can do to lessen animal suffering. PETA’s no-holds-barred, street theatre–style demonstrations not only reach passers-by but also garner loads of media coverage. As a result, millions of people learn about our campaigns. Throughout the years, our protests have been covered by countless newspapers – including The Times of India, The Asian Age, the Daily News and Analysis, the Hindustan Times and the Sakaal Times – enabling us to reach people from all walks of life.

We’ve achieved many victories as a result of our colourful demonstrations and other creative attempts to raise awareness. The following demonstrations are 10 of our most memorable:

1. PETA holds a funeral procession to mourn all the animals killed in cosmetics tests.

2. Club-wielding “cavepeople” claim the Ministry of Health is stuck in the Stone Age and demand cruelty-free personal-care products.

3. Our heavenly “angel” urges Kolkata residents to adopt Indian community dogs.

4. A well-dressed PETA member carrying the “bloody” head of a “cow” on a meat hook asks Kolkata residents, “Did your shoes have a face? Go leather-free“.

5. An activist in a full-length dress made of lettuce tells Mumbai residents, “Let veganism grow on you”.

6. A crippled “chicken” in a wheelchair warns Bangaloreans that “KFC terrorises chickens”.

7. An injured “bird” squawks about glass-coated manja and asks Gujaratis to cut out cruelty.

8. PETA members reveal the naked truth about the flesh trade.

9. PETA’s “angel of death” whips a “bullock” who pulls a kerosene tank cart.

10. A giant “polar bear” who is crushed by a “shoe” urges shoppers to put the freeze on leather.