No More Bull!

Posted on by PETA

To celebrate PETA India’s 10 years of rocking the world for animals, we’ll be featuring some of our most amazing victories on this blog over the next year, along with some issues we still need your help on. First up are some victories for bulls.

We wouldn’t let the organizers of two bullfights—one in Bijnor and one planned for Azamgarh in February 2009—off the hook until they cancelled both fights. Hooray for bulls being spared from terrifying, slow and painful deaths!

Right now, we’re working to help other bulls who are suffering in the cruel “game” of Jallikattu which is held every year in Tamil Nadu on the festival of Pongal. In this lame game, local farmers entertain themselves by attaching money or jewellery to bulls’ horns and chasing the terrified animals around while they try to grab onto their horns to snatch these prizes. Jallikattu endangers both people and animals. This year one person was gored to death and two bulls died as they collided in panic. We need to put an end to this barbarity. Please urge the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to ban Jallikattu. Stay tuned for more victories!