This ‘How to Make a Delicious Turtle’ Video Isn’t What It Seems

Posted on by PETA

Creating visuals that provoke thought and promote ideas is the backbone of advertising agencies’this independent team’s work, and a they’reits members bunch of creative people are doing just that – but this time for animals. Their latest print and video project, “How to Make a Delicious Turtle”, shows that the only way you should eat animals is when they’re actually made of fruit or other vegan foods, like the turtle cleverly carved out of a cantaloupe in this video. See for yourself:


Every year, humans kill billions of chickens, cows, pigs, and other animals for their flesh. The meat, egg, and dairy industries treat animals like commodities, and their well-being is never a priority. These industries imprison animals in waste-covered cages or dark, dirty sheds and warehouses and often drug or genetically manipulate them to maximise production and profits. When animals can no longer produce eggs or milk or the time has come to slaughter them for their flesh, they’re packed onto inhumanely crowded trucks, roughly transported, and often killed in front of each other. Fish are suffocated, impaled, crushed, and gutted – all while they’re still conscious.

The good news is that each vegan saves nearly 200 animals every year and doesn’t contribute to industrial abuse, including ramming iron rods into pigs’ hearts, tearing calves away from their mothers just hours after birth, cutting off new-born chickens’ beaks with hot blades, and burning, drowning, suffocating, and grinding baby chicks to death. There’s simply no better way to spare animals a miserable life and a terrifying death than by choosing vegan foods, which also benefit human health and the environment.

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