Teaching Compassion in Bijnor

Posted on by PETA


Basic Shiksha Adhikari of Bijnor, Shri Banwari Lal, has directed all government schools in the district to start using PETA’s humane-education programme, “Compassionate Citizen” to help raise socially aware and compassionate kids.

Most children naturally feel concern and affection for animals but learn cruelty from society and often lose sight of their compassion. It is well documented that violence against animals by children can often lead to future acts of violence towards fellow humans. Simply teaching kindness and compassion towards animals from an early age will go a long way to encouraging respect for animals, and for other people.

Praising the programme, Shri Banwari Lal says “Compassionate Citizen programme is an effective educational tool through which children can develop compassion and respect for animals.” 

Rashtriya Gram Utthan Sansthan Charitable Trust has partnered with PETA to raise awareness about the programme and urge schools to include it in their curriculum. Schools such as Jawahar Novadaya Vidhlaya, Vedanta Academy and GSD Public School are among those who have agreed to use the programme on an ongoing basis in their schools.

To learn more about the programme, log onto www.CompassionateCitizen.com