Rahul Khanna for Ban on Glass-Coated Manja

Posted on by PETA

Actor Rahul Khanna is speaking up for his new little pals-birds! When the actor found out that countless birds are maimed or killed by glass-coated kite string (“manja”) and fired off a letter on behalf of PETA to Minister of Environment and Forests Jayanthi Natarajan urging him to enact a countrywide ban on the sale and use of glass-coated manja.

“Something this dangerous should be considered a deadly weapon and must be outlawed without delay”, writes Khanna. “Please, won’t you prevent more senseless suffering and deaths by banning glass-coated manja throughout India?”

Glass-coated manja is hazardous not only for birds but also for humans – including passersby travelling on open vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles or scooters – and is responsible for numerous human injuries and deaths every year.

Help Rahul convince the Ministry of Environment and Forests to enact a countrywide ban on the use of glass-coated manja by writing to the ministry today!