PETA’s Crippled Chicken protests outside KFC Bangalore

Posted on by PETA

_FAR0003%20small.JPGHolding a banner which read, “KFC: Stop Terrorising Chickens”, a giant crippled “chicken”, sitting on a wheel chair with bandages draped on his body, crossed the road in front of a Bangalore KFC on Wednesday, 10 September, to protest against the company’s abusive treatment of chickens. Activists distributed leaflets to passer by and briefed the media on how birds are drugged and bred to grow so large that many become crippled from the weight of their massive upper bodies – many can’t even walk because of leg deformities. Millions of birds are scalded to death in defeathering tanks, and video footage from an undercover investigation documented that workers at a slaughterhouse in the US kicked, threw and stamped on live birds.You can also join PETA’s protest against KFC by asking your friends to Sign our PETITION and boycott KFC .