PETA Youth Rocks the Mountains of Shimla at Jaypee’s Lefeistus

Posted on by PETA

When every one around was enjoying a three day long weekend, PETA Youth was busy campaigning for horses in the beautiful hills of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

Yes, you guessed right! We tabled at Jaypee University’s annual college festival, Le Fiestus 09. Amidst rock concerts, buzzing students and a lot of chaos, we got over a thousand students to sign our petition to ban horse carts in Mumbai.



Horses are used to haul heavy loads, and they can be worked far past the point of exhaustion. When they are too worn out to continue, horses often collapse and are repeatedly whipped in an effort to get them back on their feet. Horses are overloaded far beyond the legal limit, and they are frequently denied adequate rest, food, and water.

Popular Delhi band Lavender Carnage lent its support to our cause by sporting cool PETA Youth t-shirts during their performance and signing our petition.

We also organized a art competition around our favorite theme: animals! And, of course, people created some funny caricatures of Colonel Sanders too.

You can help animals by tabling at various college festivals in your city. You just need to sign up for the PETA Youth Street Team.