PETA’s Sexy Formula One Girls Say …

Posted on by PETA

“Rev Your Engines – Go Vegan.” Yes, lucky Delhiites were greeted by two stunning PETA members wearing sexy green pit-crew outfits standing next to a race car in the lead-up to the Formula 1 race weekend and Grand Prix.

The pit princesses’ point? That the best thing that racing drivers and enthusiasts can do if they want to get up to speed is jettison meat and dairy products from their diet and go vegan.

Quick – put the pedal to the medal and the best racing fuel in your tanks by going vegan! Shifting away from unhealthy meat and dairy products helps protect the environment, saves animals’ lives and helps keep our bodies running at peak performance. So what are you waiting for?

P.S. If you were wondering how we managed to get this awesome race car for our demonstration, the credit goes to the students of National School of Information Technology in Dwarka. They designed the car themselves! We would also like to thank ace photographer Mukesh Khugsal for taking photos.