A Formula One for…Auto-rickshaws?!?!

Posted on by PETA

One of the gals at petaDishoom loves autorickshaws so much that she and her friends decided to make a film about them. Yes…it is hard to believe, but she loves the experience of wind (and pollution) in her hair and the feeling of flying as she bumps along the Mumbai streets in those mean, three-wheeled machines. Perhaps you noticed her odd love for these vehicles. I mean, the big rickshaw on the front page of this site might be a giveaway. She says she uses the time she spends in an autorickshaw to think of new ways to help animals. Now that’s time well spent. The film is actually not just about autorickshaws, but about an autorickshaw race. And it is not just any autorickshaw race, but the ultimate autorickshaw racing experience. A Formula One for autorickshaws. The film is actually a documentary and some of the filmmakers involved have also made other videos that will appear on this site. The Swami video is just one of them. Check out the Rickshaaa! film trailer at AFilmOnThreeWheels.com. It’s fun, cool stuff.