PETA’s Pro-Vegan Ads on Mumbai Garbage Trucks?

Posted on by PETA

Since Earth Day is around the corner, PETA decided to use the opportunity to try to enlighten Mumbaikars about the environmental havoc that meat production causes. We wrote a letter to the municipal commissioner of Mumbai requesting that he allow us to place ads on the sides of Mumbai’s garbage trucks reading, “Meat Trashes the Planet”, accompanied by an image of a “meaty” Earth.

  Our letter explains why going vegan is the best thing that we can do for the environment. But don’t just take it from us – the UN has determined that raising animals for food is a leading cause of the world’s most pressing environmental problems, including land degradation, water shortages and the loss of biodiversity.

A pro-vegan message on garbage trucks could help make city residents aware that the best way to protect their health, animals and the planet from environmental disaster is to stop eating meat.

This is a mock-up of what the ad would look like if the municipal commissioner agrees. Do you think the municipal commissioner should agree to our idea?