PETA Members Caged to Protest AIIMS Cruelty

Posted on by PETA

The heat of Delhi could not bring down the spirits of our passionate activists who locked themselves in metal cages to protest the imprisonment of animals at AIIMS. AIIMS is supposed to be a premier medical training institution, but it’s showing how it is number one in cruelty to animals.

Laboratories in India are generally required to rehabilitate animals after three years of use, yet many of the monkeys at AIIMS have been languishing in cramped, rusty cages for up to a decade, and one monkey has been there for nearly 20 years.

After watching the undercover footage of AIIMS’ Central Animal Facility, celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Celina Jaitly have also called on the institution to at least let the monkeys who have been jailed there the longest go to a real rehabilitation centre where they can climb trees and feel the grass under their feet and the warmth of the sun on their backs for the first time.

Now, it’s your turn to help us free these animals. Take action here