PETA India Works With Kerala Forest Department to Rescue a Peacock

Posted on by PETA

Acting on a tip from a concerned citizen, PETA India worked with Kerala Forest Department officials to rescue a peacock. Sree Subramanya Swami Temple in Kollam apparently found the bird injured on its premises but then, not knowing what to do, kept him in a cage. He is now at the forest department’s facility receiving necessary medical care.

Once the bird recovers, officials will transfer him to Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary. The forest department also let the temple authorities know that keeping any protected wild animal in captivity without requisite permission from the department is an offence and that, in the future, they must inform the department if they come across any wild animal in distress. In India, peacocks are a highly protected species under Schedule I, Part III of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

peacock rescue

PETA India encourages all kind people to keep their eyes open and report any wildlife in trouble to the police and forest department.

Wild animals belong in their natural habitat. Keeping them in captivity as “pets” or for any other reason is both morally wrong and punishable by up to seven years of imprisonment and a fine of at least Rs 10,000.

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