PETA India at the Forefront of Public Health: Insights From the National Public Health India Conference 2024

Posted on by Erika Goyal

The inaugural National Public Health India Conference 2024 convened key figures, including Minister of State Dr S P Singh Baghel, to address healthcare priorities as part of India’s development. PETA India’s presence showed the cross-sectoral collaboration happening in the field of public health. The conference highlighted the interconnectedness of the environment, humans, and other animals under the One Health framework, aligning with PETA India’s position.

PETA India Science Policy Advisor Anjana Aggarwal delivered a thought-provoking speech titled “Modernising Biomedical Research and Regulatory Policies to Advance Human Health”. She emphasized the need to modernise biomedical research responsibly, advocating for a transition to more effective, ethical, and economical animal-free methods as described in PETA India’s Research Modernisation Deal. Addressing inquiries regarding the relevance of animal testing, she called attention to the imperative of embracing non-animal testing to ensure human-relevant research outcomes. She also informed attendees about PETA India’s advocacy efforts to tackle zoonotic diseases.

The National Public Health India Conference 2024 served as a catalyst for constructive dialogue and collaboration with key policymakers and stakeholders. PETA India remains committed to leveraging these discussions to advance our mission of promoting compassion and ethical practices in all facets of society, including healthcare and biomedical research.

We urge individuals to join us in advocating for a paradigm shift in biomedical research by requesting that honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi establish a definitive policy mandating an end to animal experimentation. By providing a clear strategy and timeline for achieving this goal, India can lead the way towards more humane and scientifically robust research practices.

Together, we can build a healthier, more compassionate future for all beings.

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