What Do Natalie Portman and Designer Rina Shah Have in Common? Love for Stunning Leather-Free Shoes!

Posted on by PETA

shoes.JPGLeather shoes, belts and wallets are not cool! We can give you a gazillion reasons to stop wearing leather, from cruelty concerns to environmental degradation, but if you see Natalie Portman’s shoe collection, it might be all you need to hang up the leather for good. Natalie Portman wears fake for animals’ sake. Her cruelty free shoe collection is to die for (but not literally).

On Natalie’s birthday Rina Shah, an Indian designer, decided to give Natalie a pair of Rinaldi shoes designed especially for her. Rina’s collection is stunning, and features shoes for almost every occasion. Both these designers hope people will make a conscious decision not to wear leather.Why? Most cows, pigs, and sheep who are killed for their skin endure miserable lives on factory farms, where extreme crowding, deprivation, castration without anesthesia, branding, and dehorning are common. In India, animals used for leather are crammed onto vehicles in such high numbers that many break their bones, they suffocate or even die en route. At the slaughterhouse their throats are slit in full view of one another. Please consider the animals that suffer and die to make leather.

If you watch PETA US’ leather investigation report, like Natalie and Rina you will surely never wear leather again.Going leather-free is the right choice, so pledge never to wear leather again. Watch PETA US’ Whose Skin Are You In.


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