Meet the Fabulous Five: Adopt One or More Rescued Pups Today!

Posted on by Erika Goyal

A local around 2 months old, huddled together on the bustling streets of Gurugram amid the chaos of city. They were relying on scraps and the kindness of passers-by for survival, and their existence on the unforgiving streets was a daily struggle – from dodging cars to finding food and shelter.

Word of their plight reached the ears of PETA India, and its Emergency Response Team sprang into action and managed to rescue all five pups. But the dogs’ journey is not over yet: all five are safe in the temporary care of a local resident, but they are in desperate need of a permanent home.

Two of the puppies are male, and three are female. They have black and white coats.

These healthy, playful pups are awaiting loving human companions, and PETA India is generously offering to cover the cost of vaccination and sterilisation at the time of adoption.

If you’re ready to give them the care, attention, and affection they deserve, we want to hear from you! Please contact us at [email protected] or on 7045922026. PETA India is willing to transport them within driving distance or even a one-day train ride from Gurugram at our expense.

Adopting companion animals saves lives and helps fight animal homelessness. Please remember to always adopt – never shop. Every time someone buys a purposely bred dog, one roaming the streets or waiting in a shelter loses his or her chance at finding a happy and healthy permanent home. Rescued dogs appreciate having a safe place to stay, and providing a caring home is as rewarding for guardians as it is for the animals.

Always Adopt! Never Shop