Meet PETA’s 2015 Cutest Rescued Cat Alive Winners

Posted on by PETA

After PETA pawed through hundreds of photographs of adorable rescued cats and painstakingly narrowed the list down to 10 finalists, the last votes have been cast for the winner of PETA’s 2015 Cutest Rescued Cat Alive contest.

While we recognise that all the cats in our competition were worthy of the title (the judges are still recovering from purrfect overload), the results are in – and Foku has won!

Foku will receive a new cat toy and a first-place certificate. And her guardian will receive a “My Cat Is a Rescue” T-shirt, a PETA T-shirt and a copy of Ingrid Newkirk and Jane Ratcliffe’s book One Can Make a Difference.

Cutest Rescued Cat Alive 2015 Winner


Foku was found wet, shivering and frightened after a landslide near Swarnima’s house. Swarnima took care of her while she recovered, and now Foku is an important member of the family.

Cutest Rescued Cat Alive 2015 First Runner-Up


Ariba saw this little wonder, Viber, when she was walking through the streets. Viber was wet, alone and being barked at by dogs, who tried to attack her. Ariba rescued her, and now, the kitty is a beloved family member.

Cutest Rescued Cat Alive Second Runner-Up


Courageous little Charger faced challenges ranging from paralysis to respiratory illness, but VL Dinpuii stayed by his side and helped him heal. He is now a healthy, happy adult cat.

Our first runner-up will receive a copy of One Can Make a Difference, a certificate, a “My Cat Is a Rescue” T-shirt and a cat toy. Our second runner-up will receive a copy of the book, a certificate and a cat toy. All three cats will appear in an upcoming issue of Animal Times, PETA India’s magazine for members.

The winner and runners-up were selected by PETA based on several factors, including vote count.

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