Maneka Gandhi Urges Puerto Rico to Stop Monkey Torture

Posted on by PETA

Having travelled to Puerto Rico in 2002 to participate in the International Conference on Peace and Development, leading Indian lawmaker Smt Maneka Gandhi, MP, has now fired off a letter to Governor Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico urging him to oppose the building of the massive Bioculture monkey-breeding facility in Guayama, Puerto Rico, which will rip baby monkeys from their mothers and ship them to laboratories for traumatic experiments.

Gandhi wrote: “Bioculture will force thousands of intelligent monkeys to suffer severe mental and social deprivation in captivity, endure cramped and filthy conditions during transport that spans thousands of miles, and ingest toxic chemicals in foreign pharmaceutical laboratories—many of which have been given government fines for abusing monkeys and violating animal protection laws”.

Gandhi also notes that India has a longstanding prohibition on the export of monkeys for all purposes, including animal experimentation. Click here to learn more .