Luke Kenny: “Don’t Be a Flesh-Eating Zombie”

Posted on by PETA

As the star of India’s first zombie horror movie, Rise of the Zombie, the multi-talented Luke Kenny knows a lot about zombies. And now he’s appearing in PETA’s new ad, “Flesh Is for Zombies: Go Vegetarian.”

In Rise of the Zombie, Luke plays a wildlife photographer who turns into a flesh-eating zombie after his girlfriend walks out on him. In real life, Luke is a compassionate, animal-loving guy who hasn’t eaten flesh in years. In fact, the idea horrifies him. Rise of the Zombie is directed by Luke and vegetarian Devaki Singh.

When you eat meat, it costs animals an arm and a leg – and every other body part. Factory-farmed animals are confined to stalls or cages that are often so tiny that they cannot even turn around or take a single step in any direction for their entire lives. At the slaughterhouse, they have their throats hacked at by dull knives and are often dismembered while they’re still conscious.

No truly civilised person would eat an animal’s flesh. Like humans, cows, pigs, chickens, sheep and other animals are made of flesh, blood and bones. They feel pain, love, joy and grief, and they don’t want to be hacked apart and eaten any more than we do. They value their lives just as we value ours.

Meat and other animal products are bad for your health. They’ve been linked to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and several types of cancer. It’s much healthier – and kinder – to eat tasty, cholesterol-free vegetarian foods.

If the idea of eating flesh leaves a bad taste in your mouth, take PETA’s Pledge to Go Vegetarian.

C’mon, don’t be a zombie – have a heart!

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