Leather Is Murder

Posted on by PETA

Kolk%20Demo%20%283%29%20copy.jpg PETA recently protested against the cruel leather industry at the International Leather Goods Fair (ILGF) in Kolkata. Dressed as a Grim Reaper, a member of PETA “skinned” a live “cow” underneath placards that read, “Leather Is Evil” and “Leather Is Murder”. Bags, belts and shoes made of dead skin should be shunned, not celebrated and promoted at a fair. Since wearing skins supports unimaginable cruelty to animals, we ask everyone to think before they buy, and leave leather out of their wardrobe. All you animal lovers, keep in mind “Animal skin is not in!”. Check out http://www.petadishoom.com/yourlife/past_fashion_tips.asp to learn more about alternatives to leather.