Shoppers come face-to-face with their footwear

Posted on by PETA

The event took place at a busy Chennai shopping centre during the International Leather Goods Fair, which was being held nearby. Indian media couldn’t get enough of the display of bloody “cow heads” on meat hooks, and major news outlets turned out to cover the protest. PETA staffers and volunteers got several opportunities to tell reporters and shoppers about how cows, buffaloes and other animals suffer for a pair of shoes.  In India, animals used for leather have their throats cut in full view of other animals, and many are dismembered and skinned while they are still conscious. PETA asked shoppers to choose synthetic leather and other cruelty-free options available at their local mall.

Maybe next time, we can include some cow costumes with fake human skin wrapped around their hooves. Hmm, now there’s an idea for a demonstration.