Jwala Gutta ‘Bleeds’ in Campaign Against Cockfighting

Posted on by PETA

In 2014, the Honourable Supreme Court of India passed a landmark judgement confirming that inciting animals to fight is illegal as a violation of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. But cockfights are still organised in some parts of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab and elsewhere.

That’s why badminton champion, Commonwealth Games gold and silver medallist and Arjuna Award winner Jwala Gutta, dressed like a “bloodied” injured rooster and lying in a pool of “blood” inside a “cockfighting ring”, wants you to “Try to Relate to Their Fate. Say No to Cockfighting”.

jwala gutta cockfighting press shot - by manpreetPhoto: Manpreeth Nishter

“I choose to battle it out on the court, but roosters used in cockfights have no choice. Everyone knows that cockfighting causes injuries, suffering and distress for birds as well as a very painful death”, Gutta says. “If it will help PETA send the message that no one should support cockfights, then I’m ready to take up the cause.”

Roosters raised for fighting are often confined to cramped cages and tormented to make them perform. Razor-sharp spurs are attached to their feet to make fights more “exciting” (ie, bloody). The birds sustain broken wings and legs, punctured lungs, severed spinal cords and gouged-out eyes. Those who survive are forced to fight again.


If you hear of a cockfight or dogfight, immediately notify the police and a local animal-protection organisation and write to us at [email protected]A directory of animal-protection organisations can be found here.