Jallikattu is BULLying, Says PETA India in New Billboard Campaign

Posted on by Siffer Nandi

PETA India is erecting a series of sky-high appeals locally, urging everyone to say no to cruel jallikatu. The campaign – which shows a bull being chased, pulled by the horns, and taunted – has so far been placed close to Thiagarajar College of Engineering in Madurai, nearby Arignar Anna Government Arts College in Manapparai to catch the attention of young people. Jallikattu is bullying because its very purpose is to harm and intimidate bulls.

PETA India’s latest investigation reveals yet again that during jallikattu, bulls are deliberately frightened and hit, yanked painfully by the ropes threaded through their nostrils, and jabbed with nail-studded weapons. According to various news reports, since jallikattu was allowed again in 2017, at least 28 bulls and 95 humans have been killed and thousands of humans have been injured in events throughout the state. Children have also been the victims of jallikattu. PETA India recently submitted a 90-page report of its investigation findings to the Honourable Supreme Court of India, challenging the constitutionality of jallikattu.

Jallikattu participants bully animals by dragging them by their nose ropes, beating them, and deliberately terrifying them to make them run. Human participants and even spectators get hurt in the process.

People know that ragging and harassing women, children, and the elderly is not just wrong but also illegal, but they need to understand that so is inflicting cruelty on animals.

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