Former Leather Brand ‘Empyrean Luxury’ Goes Vegan, Thanks to PETA India

Posted on by PETA

Following communications with PETA India, Delhi NCR–based designer footwear brand Empyrean Luxury has stopped using leather and gone vegan! The company is celebrating its transition by broadcasting the hashtag #WeLoveAnimals on its website and offering a 10% discount to consumers who use the purchase code “GOVEGAN” for a limited time. Empyrean Luxury is a high-end fashion house that ships globally and is known for its Italian aesthetic and the unsurpassed quality of its footwear.

“By embracing vegan fashion, Empyrean Luxury pledges to stand as a socially responsible brand and never promote any kind of cruelty to animals in any manner,” says Saksham Chaudhary, owner of Empyrean Luxury. “Our sought-after vegan shoes will help consumers give cruelty to cows the boot!”

Empyrean Luxury was moved by video documentation on PETA India’s YouTube page showing that cows and buffaloes used for leather are crammed into slaughterhouse-bound vehicles so tightly that many sustain broken bones or die of suffocation. At slaughterhouses, workers slit their throats right in front of other terrified animals.


In addition to sparing animals great suffering, vegan leather – which can be made from everything from cork to coconuts and from mushrooms to mangoes – helps combat leather-industry hazards such as greenhouse-gas emissions, deforestation to rear animals, and toxic waste that pollutes waterways and harms tannery workers.

Empyrean Luxury is among the retailers that use the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo to help consumers identify and choose cruelty-free and vegan footwear and other products. Other Indian companies, designers, and brands using the logo include House of Anita Dongre, Welspun India, Purvi Doshi, Paperdom, and PAIO.