Every Animal Is Someone. Who Will You Choose to Be?

Posted on by Shreya Manocha

We may never see eye to eye with everyone, but we can look into each other’s eyes and understand that we’re all animals, that each one of us deserves respect and kindness, that everyone should live free from needless pain and suffering, and that every animal is someone.

Humans share this planet with millions of other species, and we all have inherent worth. When we consider the individuals around us – whether they’re a lonely elderly neighbour or a frightened chicken on a transport truck heading to a slaughterhouse – we can recognise that everyone feels love, grief, joy, pain, fear, and hope.

Animals have unique personalities, magnificent abilities, and a remarkable capacity for emotions. Consider the following:

  • Elephants and chimpanzees mourn and shed tears if a member of their family dies.
  • Fish “sing” underwater and enjoy physical contact with other fish, often gently rubbing against one another – similar to how a cat weaves in and out of a guardian’s legs.

  • Geese fall in love and are loyal to their partner for life, even when facing danger.

  • Many orcas in the ocean stay with their families for life.

  • Mother cows walk for kilometres in search of their stolen babies.

  • Rats willingly put themselves in harm’s way to save others.

PETA India will continue building a more respectful world for all animals.

 With tensions often running high, hopelessness abounding, and conflicts raging around the globe, PETA India is encouraging and empowering humans to recognise the similarities in everyone around them instead of focusing on their differences.

For animals who are cut open on laboratory tables, prodded onto the kill floor in slaughterhouses, skinned for leather, or held captive to be used for rides or to perform rituals in temples, our compassion and conviction are critical. We all have the power to help make the world a kinder place and choose non-violence every single day with every decision we make.

Our daily choices of what to eat, what to buy, and so much more can have a life-saving impact. One of the best ways to show our solidarity with every animal is to go vegan. PETA India will gladly help you with all you need to get started.

Share this with a relative who eats meat and consumes dairy, a friend who uses cosmetics tested on animals, a co-worker who carries a leather bag or wears wool or silk, or anyone else who could benefit from a lesson in kindness.

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