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Shubam Sarees – home of vegan silk sarees – is known for elegant pieces that reflect stunning artisanship from the interior villages of Tamil Nadu and compassion for animals. These lightweight, easy-to-drape sarees look and feel like pure silk, but they’re entirely vegan and much more affordable than real (cruelly obtained) silk.

Shubam Sarees was created to provide caring, environmentally conscious women with the perfect saree for days – without a trace of cruelty.

The overrated, outdated material used to make sarees – silk – is made of silkworms’ fibres, which they use to weave cocoons. Instead of undergoing a miraculous metamorphosis like all moths do, silkworms used for silk are violently boiled or gassed alive – all in the name of fashion. Roughly 3,000 silkworms are killed to make less than half a kilogram of silk. Billions – perhaps trillions – of them are killed every year.

We can easily ditch cruel fabrics like silk, especially with the beautiful, affordable options on the market today.

Why not try one?

Shubam Sarees is giving away three gorgeous vegan silk sarees to three lucky winners. Sign up using the form below and try your luck at winning one of the sarees. PETA India will choose three randomly selected winners. If you win the prize, don’t forget to post the pictures on social media, tagging PETA India (on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

This contest is open to residents of India only. The call for entries closes on 5 January, and the winners will be chosen by 6 January.

Best of luck – and keep helping, not wearing, animals!

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