Bisleri Vedica, GQ India, Dino Morea, and PETA India Team Up to Promote Animal Adoption

Posted on by Erika Goyal

A partnership between Bisleri Vedica, GQ India, actor and animal advocate Dino Morea, and PETA India is encouraging everyone to open their hearts and homes to dogs and cats in need.

Currently, there are 80 million dogs and cats struggling to survive on the streets across India. The partnership was formed to urge people to do something to change that. In a sweet new video for GQ India, Dino shares how each of us can help by adopting animals – while puppies pile on top of him. Watch the cute video that will melt your heart and motivate you to visit your local shelter.

The dogs shown in the video are available for adoption at Mumbai’s World for All.

 As Dino explains, his connection with animals inspired him to be the person he is today.

“If you have a home and space and you can adopt [a dog], they will actually appreciate it and show you that much love. It doesn’t matter the age of the dog, so adopt older dogs, too; they’re great!” he says. “You just might fall in love. So adopt, don’t shop!”

Pet shops and breeders churn out animals who are sold to anybody who wants them – regardless of their ability to care for them. And for every puppy or kitten sold, an animal waiting in a shelter or struggling to survive on the streets loses a chance at finding a home. So please, take Dino’s advice and never buy an animal sold by a breeder or in a pet shop.

If you have the love, time, patience, and resources to welcome an animal companion into your home, adopt! Shelters are full of desi and other dogs and cats of all sizes, ages, energy levels, and personalities just waiting to be adopted. As Dino says, “They’re fantastic. They’re so loving.”

To find a shelter near you, try the directory.

Adopt, Don’t Shop