5 Awesome Things to Do This Dussehra

Posted on by PETA

Are you making plans for your best Dussehra yet? Are you ready to burn Ravana and usher in another great year of good triumphing over evil? Then check out PETA’s top five tips for making Dussehra the start of an extraordinary year for both you and animals.

  1. Get your foodie on. Browse hundreds of free, mouth-watering vegan recipes that let great flavour triumph over bits of dead animals.
  2. Show off your rockin’ style. Sporting faux fur, pleather and mock croc will show that you’re comfortable enough in your own skin to let animals keep theirs.
  3. Don’t get testy. You can make your pad sparkle without making animals suffer. Just choose household cleaners that weren’t tested on animals, such as Astonish.
  4. It’s a circus out there. But it doesn’t have to be. Patronise human-only forms of entertainment, and leave the ones that abuse animals in the dust.
  5. Have a ball. Play with your companion animals every day, and make them part of the family. And of course, help control animal overpopulation by having your companions sterilised.

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