12 Stories Up! A Turtle’s Harrowing Journey

Posted on by PETA

PETA India’s Emergency Response Team received a call from a Thane district resident who found herself in a real jam after finding a turtle on the side of the road.

Concerned that the vulnerable reptile would be hit by a car, the kind rescuer took him home with her – to her 12th-story apartment. Thinking he’d be safe on her balcony, the woman was aghast to come back and watch helplessly as the turtle toppled over the side. Frantic, she began searching and found the injured turtle stuck on a fourth-floor balcony – eight stories down! His shell was badly broken. After she reached our rescue team, we attempted to contact several local wildlife NGOs, but because of the Dussehra festival public holiday, we couldn’t reach anyone. So we sent one of our own staffers to the rescue.

The little guy was taken for treatment and mended well. He’s now been released at a local lake and is living the good life again.


Never assume someone else will “do something”. Take action when animals are in trouble – you can save lives.