Manager of Veterinary Services

Position Objective:
To oversee and help administer care related to the veterinary emergency, animal rescue, and rehabilitation operations of PETA India and to communicate with government agencies, NGOs, and local bodies as needed to promote sterilisation and other proper care for strays and other animals.

Term of Employment:

Reports to:
Director of Veterinary Services


Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
• Oversee the delivery of PETA India’s veterinary emergency and rescue response in Mumbai and Delhi, including the administration of treatment, either directly – including through personal visits – or remotely with the help of PETA India’s office assistants, in accordance with SOPs
• Help ensure that PETA India’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) staff and others involved with emergency response, such as staff members handling the general information e-mail account and the reception phones, are familiar with and understand PETA India’s SOPs on emergency response, animal rescue, and rehabilitation work
• Respond to veterinary-related queries on PETA India’s emergency response number and via the general information e-mail account and advise on or administer effective veterinary treatment and care to animals in distress
• Ensure compliance with PETA India’s emergency response recording and reporting system, including by working with other staff in the ERT
• Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the handling of animal emergencies on the phone and of veterinary queries addressed through other means on a regular basis
• Help develop a strong, high-quality network of veterinarians, animal-protection organisations, and volunteers PETA India can work with or refer cases to for emergency response, rescue, and rehabilitation
• Manage and help maintain a database of contacts and services
• Serve as a liaison for PETA India with veterinarians, organisations, and volunteers, including by attending meetings in order to facilitate the implementation of quality emergency, rescue, and rehabilitation services
• Assist the Administration Department for the procurement of emergency response supplies and equipment
• Maintain emergency response supplies and equipment inventory and ensure that proper storage, maintenance, quality, and quantity checks are conducted
• Coordinate professional development training on animal handling, restraint, first aid, and other skill sets required by the ERT and office assistants for providing emergency response, rescue, and rehabilitation services
• Ensure that emergency tool kits are adequately stocked and well managed
• Assist in veterinary-related investigations of PETA India and other health assessments of animals being cruelly treated and provide expert advice, as directed by the supervisor
• Prepare and submit veterinary reports related to emergency response services and sterilisation programmes on a regular basis, as per the SOPs, and other reports on investigations and health assessments, as directed by the supervisor
• Represent PETA India professionally to the public, other organisations, volunteers, veterinarians, government agencies, police, and others
• Perform any other tasks assigned by the supervisor

• Veterinary graduate degree approved by the Veterinary Council of India
• Prior  experience in a similar role, including working with stray animals, preferred Managerial experience
• General knowledge of handling veterinary emergency, rescue, and rehabilitation work
• Compassion, responsibility, and self-motivation
• Fluency in written and verbal Hindi and English
• Knowledge of other local Indian languages a plus
• Computer proficiency
• Passion for working to end cruelty to animals and helping animals in need
• Outgoing and personable manner with excellent communication skills
• Exceptional organisational and time-management skills, including multi-tasking
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Ability to deal professionally with animal-protection organisations, volunteers, other contacts, and the general public
• Ability and willingness to travel independently, as needed, to handle emergency, rescue, and rehabilitation work
• Supportive position vis-à-vis PETA India’s philosophy and the ability to advocate for PETA India’s positions on issues professionally
• Adherence to a vegan lifestyle
• Commitment to the objectives of the organisation

How to Apply:
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