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Supreme Court Bans Jallikattu, Bull Races and Bullfights

Written by PETA

Posted 05-07-2014, 04:07 PM | 427 Comments

Today, the Honourable Supreme Court of India passed a landmark judgment in favour of PETA India and the government body the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) clarifying that bulls must not be used in jallikattu, bull races, bullfights or any other type of performance. PETA was represented in court by leading counsel Raj Panjwani.


PETA has vigorously campaigned against the use of bulls in these cruel events. The group’s  investigators have found that terrified bulls are deliberately disoriented, have their tails twisted and bitten and are stabbed, punched, jumped on and dragged to the ground. During races, bulls are often hit with nail-studded sticks. In bullfights, the round ends when one of the bulls is either killed or manages to flee. PETA’s campaign to end this abuse was vocally supported by legendary actors Hema Malini and John Abraham, who both wroteto the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) calling for jallikattu to be stopped.

Although the MoEF issued a notification in 2011 that banned the use of bulls as performing animals,thereby banning jallikattu, bull races and bullfights, these spectacles were still permitted to be held. Now, the Supreme Court has made clear that this notification must be upheld. It also struck down the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act No 27 of 2009, a state law that permitted jallikattu.The Supreme Court also noted that the penalties for cruelty to animals under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, are weak and that the act requires an update. The AWBI had formulated a draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011, to strengthen the law, but this draft has yet to be passed.

You can help pass the draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011.





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  • Arka Das

    Finally we deserve to call Cows “Gaw Mata”

  • Maria Catrapolo

    stop stop sofrimento

  • Doina

    Please help this poor animals , who ever is doing this to the snimasl they need to be arrested or there was be a way to stop this abuse

  • Kirsty Hutchison

    This is barbaric disgusting and makes me sick tony stomach
    It hurts my heart and soul to think this happens. Animals are not here to
    Be abused anymore than humans

  • Francisco José Tapia Solís

    It is a shame that still in the 21st century we keep on seeing this kind of abuse! I just want to help this to stop!!

  • Robyn Flaro

    Please update and pass this law. there is no need for cruelty to any animal.

  • Barbara Desjardine

    Please stop this cruelty

  • Stop the killing!!! Shut this place down !!! Charge employees of animal abuse. And put owner in jail . Thanks!!

  • Valeria Mejia

    Im against animal cruelty and this is disgusting,, please you need to stop this

  • Paola Diaz

    India needs to free and stop the torturing of these beautiful creatures who only need to be loved and left alone.

  • Nicole Hardin

    Stop the abuse

  • Alicia Brown

    Stop this instantly!

  • Sana


  • Nour

    Stop this abuse

  • Betti-Lou Maus

    Please Please strengthen The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, from 1960. Please pass the 2011 Animal Welfare Act.
    Please put an end to this horrendous cruelty for these poor defenseless animals.
    Thank you for your time.
    Betti-Lou Maus

  • Debbie Fitzgerald

    Bull fighting and torture needs to be stopped, animals have feelings and emotions

  • Joyce Croese

    Why is the abuse for…only for own pleasure..culture..shame people who do this!

  • Rebecca Degn

    Please Stop this now!


    WHAT TOO SAY ? ……. AWESOME JOB PETA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy

    Torture of all kinds need to stop!

  • Don’t know what to say about this torture except that human are a virus and should get torture them self!!!!

  • Roma Sars

    Please try and get this implemented for bull fighting in Spain too! Such a cruel activity! I refuse to call it a sport, as there is nothing sportive about it , just plain animal cruelty!

  • Galina Nikolova

    Animals are a gift from God and we humans should protect, not to make fun of them …

  • Shannon

    Stop the cruelty!!!

  • stop

  • Please STOP and Please PASS the Animal Welfare Act 2011……

  • Dont abuse the animals

  • Pl do not use animals

  • Please PASS the Draft Welcare ACT… Please Please….

  • Mickaelle Dougherty

    Please abolish these horrors.

  • Paula Ilona

    Stop this horrible barbarian animals cruelty !!!½

  • I’sorry animals

  • I used to admire the Indian culture, now, I’m not so sure!

  • Tarja Nykänen

    so cruel!!!

  • :(

  • Lauren McConnell

    Please stop, pretty please. If a person cannot treat an animal humanely or with respect, that person’s mental state needs to be evaluated. Psychotic behaviour.

  • Raina Dove

    Its sadistic and should not happen!

  • Fran

    please act to stop cruel and useless events
    thank you

  • Ester Zanoner

    Please stop cruelty against bulls

  • Vanessa Argueta

    Please end this senseless cruelty

  • Annie Ringuette

    Please STOP this brutal attacks on animals. They don’t deserve this cruelty. Why don’t you give your children the same cruelty you give to this poor animals? STOP jallikattu.
    I feel sorry for these animals that they live in India. This is NOT their choice to live there.

  • Stop abusing animals!

  • Gina Savona

    I don’t understand how this is even an issue!!!!! if we don’t do it to humans why would it be ok to do to animals, all of which are living being’s

  • Jeanine Trabucco

    This is horrible behaviour and treatment of another species and should be stopped immediately!

  • Jamie

    Stop the torture!!!!

  • Esther

    This needs to stop!

  • The animal abuse denigrates human values,, Please stop this cruelty and thanks for your support !!

  • Randy Smith

    God bless Supreme Court of India,,God is PROUD of The Supreme Court of India forever,,now I bow down my head to suffering animals in past to honor them,,,Thank you The Supreme Court of India from my heart and soul !!! Randy

  • Jessica Basso


  • G m .We r in Delhi 110064
    Like your side save all animals and all birds
    We are also doing the work to save a cow , dulls
    With regards


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