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Supreme Court Bans Jallikattu, Bull Races and Bullfights

Written by PETA

Posted 05-07-2014, 04:07 PM | 406 Comments

Today, the Honourable Supreme Court of India passed a landmark judgment in favour of PETA India and the government body the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) clarifying that bulls must not be used in jallikattu, bull races, bullfights or any other type of performance. PETA was represented in court by leading counsel Raj Panjwani.


PETA has vigorously campaigned against the use of bulls in these cruel events. The group’s  investigators have found that terrified bulls are deliberately disoriented, have their tails twisted and bitten and are stabbed, punched, jumped on and dragged to the ground. During races, bulls are often hit with nail-studded sticks. In bullfights, the round ends when one of the bulls is either killed or manages to flee. PETA’s campaign to end this abuse was vocally supported by legendary actors Hema Malini and John Abraham, who both wroteto the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) calling for jallikattu to be stopped.

Although the MoEF issued a notification in 2011 that banned the use of bulls as performing animals,thereby banning jallikattu, bull races and bullfights, these spectacles were still permitted to be held. Now, the Supreme Court has made clear that this notification must be upheld. It also struck down the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act No 27 of 2009, a state law that permitted jallikattu.The Supreme Court also noted that the penalties for cruelty to animals under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, are weak and that the act requires an update. The AWBI had formulated a draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011, to strengthen the law, but this draft has yet to be passed.

You can help pass the draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011.







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    I have never seen so many idiots on one single forum. i’m pretty sure 95% of you have no idea what is a Jallikattu. If u think its cruelty? fine but first start going after people who eat animals rather than people who use these bulls for sports, but u cannot because politics. Lot of people in the world are in favor of eating meat so u pathetic idiots have to come after a small group of people in Tamil Nadu who use these trained bulls once a year.

  • Claudia Leo

    Wicked Evil Barbaric People ! ! !

  • Poor, poor animals.How much cruelty they suffer from these scum!

  • Heather

    Come on India, we need to educate about animal abuse to stop this.

  • Tanachay Pudate

    bad action

  • Jobin Joseph

    awesome PETA !!! we are with you !!!!!
    Banning this is an awesome news !!! lets love animals !!!

  • Anthony Roberts

    Kill people off not animals. People would pay to watch scum humans die off, don’t think they wouldn’t pay for this..we have created the mess and lets kill a few billion off.

  • Anthony Roberts

    Use people instead. we have created the mess..people would pay to watch criminals killed off like this and why not?? Raise money and great entertainment. save the animals..kill the people

  • Val

    Bulls should be protected. It’s so cruel to use them for so called Entertainment. I am appalled that this happens. Bulls have feelings too. Bullfighting or any cruelty to animals is horrendous.

  • Heidi

    What will you say when you meet GOD!!!!!

  • Heidi

    People, people, people you will all reap what you sow!!!

  • Amro

    Congrats for your efforts to ban jallikattu. . But is Peta doing something for banning of slaughtering the bulls? Only banning is not a solution, but how these bulls can be preserved so that the farmers are not impelled to sell their bulls to slaughtering house is also a concern. Has Peta taken any action on it.It does not matter that when Jallikattu was not banned then also bulls used to go to slaughterhouse. If you want to save bulls then also save them properly. If at the end they become someone’s meal then banning jallikattu has no meaning.

  • Deb Brownlee

    This must stop

  • Charles Bolton

    Please stop this using animals for entertainment

  • Dianne Heist

    l care!!!!!

  • Well Wisher

    Feb 16/2015

    In today’s I read this,

    With the promulgation of a total ban on jallikattu, the bull owners were forced to sell their animals to cattle agents who would ultimately sent them to slaughter houses in Kerala. Such activities would annihilate wonderful breeds of bulls in the long run.
    To prevent this, the Coimbatore-based goshala founder Sivakumar started buying bulls to protect them by providing shelter, he added. The members of the outfit appealed to the government to declare cow as national animal and impose a ban on slaughter of cows.

    In my opinion that, bull may get hurt during jallikattu,,but now situation is bulls are going to slaughter house. who ever was involved in banning the jallikattu are also responsible for slaughter.Let them Live long and maintain their publicity.

  • I salute before the Supreme Court of India for putting an end to the cruelty of Jallikattu and such like in India. So also, I would like to request the Supremt Court and other organisations which are interested in ending cruelty towards animals to take efforts to put an end to the cruelty against human beings from the cruelty of Noise pollution in the form of LOUDSPEAKER menace, during the fesstival periods and other social events. Though there are umpteen Supreme Court rulings against this practice of using loudspeakers the people of Indian never bother to respect the freedom of fellow citizens to live calmly. They simply revel in merry making and causing irreparable damage to the health of fellow beings by creating unbearable noice.Our police officers who are vested with powers to grant permission are more callous than the cullprits and in all occassions they help the culprits. So, I take this occassion to call upon the interested people and organisations to look in to the matter and put an end to this practice of ussing loudspeakers during festivities by moving the Suprreme court.

  • Yogesh Karthick

    PETA, hope you are aware of thousands of cows getting to Kerala from Tamil and slaughtered cruel. Judgement against Jallikattu has sent many of the indigenous variety of oxes to slaughter houses. Is this the judicial relief for them? If you are really to care for animals then take a mission on slaughter houses. PETA has made UN-justice to oxes.

    • PETA

      Cows were sent to slaughter when jallikattu was legal. Please watch our investigation of slaughterhouses in India:


    I would like to post my comment that under the perview of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 read with the Article 51A(g) &(h) of the Constitution of India, in Civil Appeal No.5387 of 2014 along with other Civil Appeal @ SLP(C) No.11686 of 2007 the Hon’ble Supreme Court held that the unnecessary Pain & Sufferings of the animals for human satisfaction & enjoyment should be banned for the best interest of the species subject to just exception out of human necessity. But the historic order interrupted some shows & performances generally held to consider the customs as well as some cultural heritages of the various community in the eve of some social or community occasions & functions which have been performing since time immemorial by the past generations in the society. For the best interest of the species & animals whether the mass people will negotiate such performance or not doubt the time will say..Hence, let us think and understand the rights of the species & animals to know better their pains & sufferings rather our …..demands…

  • Gandhi

    I come from rural Tamilnadu, we are farmers we know how to protect our cattles. Jallikattu is one kind ritual sport, it has several forms and names. Our intention is not torture animals, through out the year we work with our cattels, once in a year we celebarte with our cattles. If Peta things, jallikattu is violence, they have to stop killing goat, bull, chicken, horse…. for eating purpose, Peta could not fight for that, they have no strength, also animals should be live in their own space, should not keep in zoo, temples and home, peta should fight for sending the animals from the zoo, temples, mosque also at home.

    • PETA

      Jallikattu is cruel: Please visit too learn about our work for animals used to eat and for entertainment. Thanks!

  • Shenbagapandi

    I wish to register my comment to clearly make a statement that Bulls especially in our area its treated as God and its considered as a pride by having a bull in the house. In our family we have a Bull and its considered as cultural heritage and my great great grandfathers also had the bulls. If u want to know how it is treated just come down and see what happens really to bulls.It would be better if you peoples could change your mind and see it as cultural glories you people will understand what really it means. Moreover working as Sr.Executive – HR in a reputed organization the love, greed and thirst towards Jallikattu will never end till our life ends. Hopefully waiting that our Jallikattu will sure happen…ll said by S.R.Mani

    Ctct: 9940184237

    • PETA

      This is the reality of jallikattu: PETA has inspected jallikattu events over the years and those are the findings.


    do you think is it beautiful to see elephants standing in front of temple? and horses doing circus in horse races and especially in army and police battalion. you are not eligible to say it is right to ban jallikattu.


    i am totally disagree with the logic of ban on jallikattu. without knowing tamil culture, ban has been made. think about elephants standing in front hindu temples, and begging for food in market, and horses, in army and police departments, is there any type of benefit for the society or our nation, or it in any way flagging our culture. if jallikattu has been banned, why dasara, onam, even other festivals including meenakshi festival in madurai. do you think, in original type of jallikattu, bulls are abused or harrassed cruelly. no. if so, in kalithogai an ancient literature, aeru thaluvuthal why took place. there is a man for a bull. it is the game. instead so many people beating, and harassing a bull is not an original type of jallikattu. see bull fight in spain, there bulls are killed by players. its truely cruelty. jallikattu is not so. people pretending to secure the animals are not originally not so in real life. it is only for advertisement purpose. i can igive lots of example and reasons for not to ban jallikattu. but i have no time. this is the fact

    • PETA

      Jallikattu is a cruel form of ‘entertainment’. Please watch our undercover investigation: You may also visit to see our work to ban horse-drawn carriages and the rescue story of a temple elephant called Sunder. You can visit our international affiliate’s websites to see their work on stopping bullfights.

  • S.R.Mani

    Peta, Animal rights activists will not connect with the bulls the way Tamil’s do. U don’t understand the love between cattle & farming community. First, be etical, at the same time emotionally, try to connect & understand true animal welfare in approaching the issue in a broad minded way! & all the negatives can be rooted out, if approached in right attitude, without sending peoples animals love & mighty gods creations to slaughter houses.The Jallikattu is inseparable from the social, cultural and religious fabric of the people of Tamil Nadu. In animal husbandry, the trend is to send male calves to slaughter; only milch cattle are taken care of. The people who breed bulls for Jallikattu, used them for breeding, organic farming and saved native cattle breeds from existence. Jallikattu Bulls are considered Sacred! Joint families stay together to tend to their Jallikattu bulls, which require constant attention and care, are soon going to fall apart, Now with the ban looming large, there are fears that India’s exotic native cattle breeds will die out. Thanks to PETA, AWBI, and other ill informed geniuses. for sending India’s wealth, Jallikattu Bulls & traditions to slaughter houses. Hats off to u People, U all have wronged, Native cattle breeds & Jallikattu Bulls blood on all your hands. We Indians thought the world about universal love when other civilizations was in dark ages. Draught cattle are castrated and worked to death, but Jallikattu bulls are treated like gods — they are worshipped, never tortured. Pls stop mockery on Jallikattu, without knowing factual facts! Only on false ruse it is been banned. Shame on Us, for not understanding & slaughtering the India’s farming communities love for their animals. It’s time to repent! Pls everyone try to get to core facts of Jallikattu, then talk about Tamil’s valor & love for animals. Pls save India’s Native breeds, Associated traditional cultural values, undying love for animals before its too late.

  • Prasad

    No. Dont ban jallikattu. Do u know the consequences behind banning jallikattu? In tamilnadu the bulls are given good and healthy food to bulls only because of Jallikattu. The prices won during this jallikattu helps in maintanence of bulls. If this jallikattu is banned then think about the bulls. It will not be taken proper care. It will result in slaughtering for meat. The bulls participate in jallikattu is taken awesome care. Since last year the bulls were not treated cruely. Seriously. You know the bulls participate in jallikattu is been brought in Air conditioned vehicle. The lot has been changed. Now the bulls are not treated bad. If they ban jallikattu seriously the owners will have no money to take care of bulls and as a result it will end in disaster. There are thousands and thousands of bulls which participate in different region. Supreme court should consider this also. Please no negative comments for my reply. Just talking only in favor of bulls.

    • PETA

      Hi Prasad, jallikattu is a cruel “tradition” and has been banned by the Supreme Court of India:

  • Nice job Awb and PETA…..But we should also think about other pets… bull.

  • Jey

    Dear Peta , Thanks for the reply. watch this , Jallikattu is much better than this..

  • Aayushi Raghuvanshi

    I’ve even heard that the bulls are starved for days, beaten, and chilli powder is rubbed on their eyes. It was really really heartbreaking to know that.
    Im very very happy and thankyou Peta. Well done.

  • Ankur Sharma

    Well done PETA and AWBI! Please also work for those poor GOATS who get killed just for a religional faith; in BAKRA-EID.

    • PETA

      Hi Ankur, please read this article to learn what we’ve done in this regard:

  • Jey

    Very Foolish Decision. Humans are tortured and killed in the names of their community in north India. Cows were slaughtered all over India being worshiped by us. Supreme court could’t able to do other than commenting. This is an ‘BULL SHIT’ of all. Jallikattu being a traditional event for the people more than 5000 years. if the same jallikattu been held some at U.P or other part of india, Will it be banned or Govt have guts to ban this Events ??

  • Ganesh Gounder

    We totally agree to stop bull race and Jallikattu but please make sure that no should not kill the cows and ox.I absorved during this bakreed festival most of our native breeds are taken for meat, now we can count the kankayam breeds toteally destroyed. if this races are not happeening we loose our native breeds, please we not abuse the animals we are treating native breed oxes and cows as GOD , please come on………..with good result

  • David Rajan

    Dear PETA and friends,

    I appreciate your concern for bulls. Now the jallikattu is banned, you will see bulls in ten years time only in zoos and a lucky few in milk farms. Thank you.
    With the same zeal what you have shown on jallikattu, please shout for thousands of river dolphins and crocodiles and million of fishes and river species that die in Ganges due to pollution that is happening in the name of holy dips and washing of sins on kumbamelas.

  • John Victor Prakash

    Friends please don’t misunderstand me. I’m a person from Tamil Nadu. we don’t abuse our Jalli kattu bulls and torcher them they are like god to us as we are from the farming background. We do not torcher, harm and attack our jalli kattu bulls like the SPANISH people do, Jalli kattu is a traditional sports it’s other name is maadu thaluvu which means bull hugging. As bulls help the farmers they use to worship it and give rewards to it on Mattu Pongal [ cow pongal ] . If anybody feels that we harm bulls during jalli kattu please visit alanganallur on cow pongal and see how those bulls are treated. This is our traditional and cultural game. We do not eat jalli kattu kalai { jalli kattu bull } cuz it’s a god. everybody worship cow in Tamil Nadu who’s from farming background despite of religion and cast. I’m a christian I love bulls and we worship them on Mattu Pongal as they help us through out the years in our field. So our ancestors created this game to create a bond between us and the bulls and to love jalli kattu kalai. We don’t harm animals PETA or any other government or non government or the people who are commenting here against Jalli kattu can come to my village on January and visit the jalli kattu then comment that what we do with the bulls is torturing or loving…No body has rights to stop a cultural events happening for 1000’s of years of a community. We Tamils are not brutal people we are the first human race to be cultured and humanitarians . Can we give a case to stop Kusthi { INDIAN style free wrestling } as it is harming humans and they get deaf and their ears get damaged of course not it is a traditional game so first understand a culture and then talk about it….I’m sorry if I hurted anybody. last question please those who have not seen Jalli Kattu and don’t know anything about it don’t comment unnecessary things about it here unless getting knowing the things about it. I’m sorry friends I love animals too not only bulls but also goats , hens, Roosters and dogs cuz I’m from a agricultural back ground. Farmers know more about the animals than PETA I can idebntify with a sound what a animal is in need….

  • John Victor Prakash

    dia friends I’m totally against animals abuses. those who abuse and torcher animals for their welfare must be strictly punished. But in Jallikattu it doesn’t happen cuz when compared to Spain they throw spear on bulls and hurt them. But in Tamil Nadu they don’t do that cuz they feel that bulls is their friend who help them in ploughing their land so they celebrate this functions named Mattu pongal [ cow pongal ] where they use to hug the bulls and he should not leave the cow until it rolls three times or it goes upto 100 meter. yes once there was some brutal things were done with the bulls but now government has taken strict action as kangayam bull is a endangered species. So I don’t thing government should ban jalli kattu cuz it’s our cultural game where we have a relationship between our bull and a farmer. but government should take more strict action and appoint more people to monitor that no injury or hrm is done with the bulls… so please don’t ban jalli kattu it’s our culture.

  • Josy Canova


  • Dusty Washburn

    You can help pass the draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011.

  • Lin Woods

    PLEASE MoEF, the act of torturing and abusing a living animal is archaic. While it never should have been happening, it is certainly not NECCESSARY in order for a human being to live, and definitely not NECCESSARY for an animal to live. It is merely a mindset that once was, but does not serve any purpose in this day. Please do not allow this to continue, anywhere in India.
    ~Lin Woods~

  • Maria Teresa Schollhorn

    Please, ban jalikattu, bullraces and bullfights!

  • Salwah

    everything has feeling. we are all the same so lets stop the cruelty and be human (be love)

  • Risvaana M

    Jalikattu is one of the most stupid and cruel sport on planet! This cruelty should be stopped right away! And someone has commented here worrying that these bulls going to end up in slaughter house if this idiotic sport is banned! so, you are trying to say torturing the poor creature for human fun is good?! and shall be allowed!?

  • Apeksha

    If you are human act humanly and stop jallikattu

  • Apeksha

    If you are human.. prove it and work according to humanity

  • Mirela

    any petition?

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about animals used for entertainment.


  • SR Mani. C

    Its very sad to see how ill-informed you people are! Dont u get it..? Jallikattu saved native breeds & now u people help slaughter them. Jallikattu Bulls are not castrated, other drought animals used for transportation, farming activities are castrated , in old age they are sold for meat. Only Jallikattu Bulls saved the native cattle breeds from exitinction. Jallikattu saves the bulls from the slaughterhouses! The bulls participating in Jallikattu are uncastrated native breed stud bulls, when Jallikattu Bulls passes away, they are buried & worshiped by Tamils. Jallikattu Bulls are worshiped icons in these regions. Now, because of you people supported banning of Jallikattu. Mighty Bulls are being slaughtered & they are going to be looked just as meat in someones plate! Thanks to you all, sending these Gods creations for abuse & slaughter from plucking the age old Tradition Jallikattu from farmers. Understand one thing, Peta nor animal rights activists cannot connect with cattle as farmers do., they share a unique bond & love with there bulls. Use logic, ask yourselves.. How can a community worshiping Jallikattu Bulls, can abuse them ? shame on you all, in a false pretext.. you helped sending these bulls to turned into meat!

  • Geri Hunter

    No animal should be used and abused for the enjoyment of humans. That is not why they were put on this earth for. Please stop this terrible cruelty.

  • Tanja Lepikkö

    Stop this Cruelty right now!!!!!

  • Simone Duffin

    Bulls are sadly one of the most abused animals on this earth, the actrocities committed against them is disgusting and this is just another one. We are just to be living in a civilised world, this is barbaric, cruel and should be banned.

  • Des

    This is an absolutely a disgusting, sickening, event. NO ONE who participates or supports it has no right to consider themselves as a member of the human race!!!
    Why, oh why, is this practice still allowed in the 21st century?

  • Nur Alp

    STOP STOP STOP RESPECT ALL LİFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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