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PHOTOS and VIDEO: Sunder Blossoms

Written by PETA

Posted 06-25-2014, 07:25 PM | 167 Comments

Sunder is settling into his lush green new home at the Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP). Before the Supreme Court ruled in PETA’s favour for Sunder’s rescue, the elephant spent his days abused and in isolation. Now, Sunder has friends of his own species, gets coconuts for treats and even got the opportunity to splash around in a natural pond for the first time in his life!

Because Sunder endured violent beatings and solitary confinement for much of his life, his new caretakers are still handling him cautiously and keeping him lightly restrained. Sunder is also still recovering from the massive wound that was on his leg – caused by heavy chains – which is now healing. Veterinarians with PETA’s sister organisation Animal Rahat have been at BBP since Sunder’s first day there in order to help with his transition and report that the elephant is showing positive signs of progress.

Sunder is also increasingly being permitted to interact with the park’s 13 other elephants, and he will eventually join their happy herd. Once he has recovered and adjusted, he will be able to roam the forest, streams and ponds in the park with his new family.

Sunder seems to think this drink of water is hitting the spot.

Sunder seems to think this drink of water is hitting the spot.

Sunder cools off with Lakshmi.

Sunder cools off with Lakshmi.

Sunder gets a coconut from a caretaker.

Sunder gets a coconut from a caretaker.

Sunder takes a walk with a caretaker.

Sunder takes a walk with a caretaker.

Sunder gives Lakshmi a kiss.

Sunder gives Lakshmi a kiss.

Sunder and Lakshmi have lunch.

Sunder and Lakshmi have lunch.

Sunder is kept close to his new family.

Sunder is kept close to his new family.

Sunder steps forward to touch baby Shiva.

Sunder steps forward to touch baby Shiva.

Watch this heart-warming video of Sunder enjoying a bath in a pond for the FIRST time after his rescue. Sunder loves being in water and using his trunk as a snorkel.

Read our FAQs to learn more about Sunder’s journey, and check back here often for more updates on his progress.

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  • Victoria King

    Sunder looks so happy. I am greatful PETA helps animals in need. I feel sad every time a read a story of animal abuse. Wish we could do to the abusers what they do to the poor animals they abuse. Thank You for doing what you do. Sincerely, Victoria

  • Carolyn

    Thank you PETA for saving Sunder. He can now live the life he was previously denied. I wish Sunder many happy years with his new family.

  • Satish Ra

    What a beautiful story! From a lifetime of captivity and suffering to freedom and companionship of his own kind. Thank you PETA. There may be dozens if not hundreds other cases of elephants in captivity. Let us hope that all of them will find happiness one day like Sunder did

  • Linda

    How wonderful to see Sunder finally free to love and enjoy life. Thank you PETA for everything you do for these animals. I have been keeping up with the story of Mali who lives in Manila Zoo. Has there been any updates about this?

  • Sheila Slutsky

    Thank you PETA for this and all that you do. This was truly heartwarming to watch.

  • The photos were wonderful and the video was just precious to watch.I loved all of it.

  • Viviana

    Dont animal abuse

  • Gina Sica

    I’m so happy for Sunder! I wish this could be true for all elephants in captivity one day! Nosey needs to be next. Please help Nosey before it’s too late! PLEASE!

  • Gina Sica

    I’m so happy for Sunder! I wish this could be true for all elephants in captivity one day!

  • Sara

    What about his old owner who wants him back to abuse him again. Lets hope when it goes back to court the judge will rule in favour of where he lives now and never let him go back to a life of hell. Sunder is so happy now you can see him smileing in the photos.

  • Lorra

    Thank you PETA and all who work for wildlife rescue! My heart is shattered into pieces as I see all the abuse of so many magnificent animals. A ray of Hope is finally peeking through … Thanks to decent, loving and caring pl. May God bless you always.

  • Im sooooo happy

  • Love you sunder, enjoy all life has to offer big guy.

  • Andrej Dimitrijevic

    Oh, dear PETA, it is wonderful to see him happy!
    Thank you PETA!!!

  • Christine Frietas

    I am soooooo happy and grateful this poor animal finally has the freedom that all creatures deserve. Thank you and take good care of him.

  • Michael Smith

    Another success story. There is nothing so heartwarming as seeing a happy animal.

  • Sophie Berry

    Amazing!!! This is how wildlife should live. Free and happy

  • Sunniva Sturm

    Thank God Sunder was finally freed due to all your efforts!!! I am just amazed that Sunder has been able to be positive enough to show any love and acceptance again after what he has been through… Thank God you reached him in the nick of time. No living innocent or intelligent animal should EVER have to suffer this from any human!! When are we finally going to develop international laws to protect the rights of all living beings, not just humans!!

  • i signed many petitions for his release and am so grateful to PETA and the Supreme Court for their kindness.

  • Amazing video. So nice seeing this elephant enjoying freedom for the fist time.

  • Gloria Judd

    This is an example of why I do monthly PETA donations. Thank you so much for fighting to free Sunder. gloria in San Francisco, California

  • Bonnie Dugan

    I followed Sunder’s story which was the worst. So happy that he is in a wonderful situation & will now lead a normal life. Unfortunately, there are other elephants in the dire situation Sunder was in; hopefully, some good person will get them moved as a costly venture. No animal should be abused.

  • Trudy Schulten

    It is indeed heartwarming to see the animal in an atmosphere wich extremely friendly.

  • Olivia De Bruyn

    He look so happy!!!

  • Lovely to see this. Keep the updates coming.

  • Mary

    Can you rescue other elephants too?

  • Gunn

    It is so good to see.

  • LaraMW

    I’m so so glad he’s free now 😀
    I hate seeing people beating animals! I loved seeing the pictures and all! Congratulations!!

  • Danny

    This is truly heartwarming. Thank you PETA and to all who lobbied for Sunder’s release.

  • Belhadj

    That’s good to see that someone is doin’ something for those animals, congratulations.

  • Stanka


  • Susanna

    This makes me so happy! He seems so peaceful and happy. Melts my heart. Can’t wait for more pictures, videos and updates

  • Luisa Malgaroli

    That’s the way have to be for the elephants and the animals kept in captivity (circus, zoo …). THEY WANNA TO BE FREE!!!!

  • Susanne Fritz

    so nice pics ……i love elephants and all animals…..

  • Adrian

    Great job all of you … brings tears to my eyes seeing some of the stuff that’s go on in the world.

  • Yvette Mellet

    Wonderful I have no words

  • Jerry

    superb ! love you guys for this !

  • Alisha

    Thank you PETA for saving our wildlife one day at a time.

  • Marta

    beautiful gift freedom. i hope that oeople will stop abusing animals in aby ways

  • Felix

    U should post about deforestation due to palm oil plantation because its the source of why there is exoctic animal like orang-outan, tiger, elephant and more in circus…inform people about what is deforestation and how they can stop “supporting” the deforestation.tell them what is with palm oil and whitout.(you may say were here tobdefend animal right but as i was saying , its all link to money , palm oil is money).Indonesia and Malaysia are the two country im talking about…sometimes it just break my heart earing they burn forest to plant palm (that is a slow and painfull way to die form animal…) and i feel like nothing is happening against this form of global warming.tell Obama to move his ass and do his job of president, he has the power to stop this, TO STOP ANIMAL SLAVERY AND ABUSE (im 14 and if i understand this(how animal are treat) evryone should…thanks for replying, continu the great jod (im from quebec btw)

  • Diane Ault-Fleury

    So Happy to see him in such a wonderful place!! I remember reading his story and it broke my heart! I am hoping this is how our signing petitions give a voice to the voiceless! Thank you PETA and to all the other organizations working together to improve the lives of the neglected and abused!!

  • Diane Ault-Fleury

    I remember reading Sender’s story and seeing the pics & videos of his abuse! I didn’t hesitate to sign the petition. So Happy and Thankful to see him in such Uplifted spirits!

  • Mona

    thank you PETA for all the hard work you do to save the elephants from abused and cruelty

  • Hennie Bezuidenhout

    Absolutely heartwarming to see…why can’t it always be like that with ALL animals?

  • Vadi

    Great going Sunder :) Our prayers are with you . Enjoy the life.
    PETA you guys are doing great work :) God bless you guys.

  • Anouk Couplez

    Thank you. We love you sunder

  • i would like to see the chains off of his legs asap as he has had them for years the first priority is to get them off now

  • Jan V.

    Thank you so much for the update. It’s very heartwarming and look forward to video’s in the future when Sunder starts interacting with more of the herd. Woohoo!! Thanks for all your work PETA and for Animal Rahat’s (spelling?) efforts.

  • PETA

    Please read the FAQs here:

  • Margaret Coyle

    has Sunder been taken off the loose chains yet? if not when is that likely to happen.


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