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Kingfisher Aircraft to Fly Billboards?

Written by PETA

Posted 05-03-2012, 10:50 AM | 4 Comments

PETA India has flown into action with a tempting offer to help keep Kingfisher Airlines out of its financial crisis and flying sky-high while helping meat-eating men rise to the occasion. In a letter to Kingfisher Chairperson Vijay Mallya, we offered to pay the airline to paint our new ad on the sides of Kingfisher’s planes: 

Considering that impotence affects more than 50 per cent of our nation’s males over age 40, placing PETA’s “Want Good Times? Go Vegan. Meat Consumption Leads to Impotence” ad on the bodies of planes is the perfect way to reach and help millions of men who may be having trouble “keeping up” in the bedroom.

In addition to causing animal suffering, eating meat can lead to a host of illnesses and medical conditions, including impotence. A diet heavy in meat and dairy products has been linked to heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity – all of which can cause impotence. The good news is that medical science suggests that all of these diseases, along with impotence, can be prevented or even reversed by eating a healthy vegan diet!

It’s pretty obvious that the best way to help animals, protect the environment and avoid turbulence in your love life is to go vegan. 

We haven’t heard back from the airline yet, but we can assure you that more than just Kingfisher’s jets will be “taking off” if Dr Mallya accepts PETA’s offer and spreads this vital message about meat and impotence.    

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  • Chander Kumar Soni

    thanks peta and kingfisher.
    i like this new way.

  • Michelle Storace

    I Love your ad :)

  • Monika

    Hi PETA,
    i have problem for my pet. in two days my pet or any colony pets don’t allow in colony park for evening walk. some persons says for the beautification of park that’s why he says that your pet not walk in the park. my problem is that where the pet walk in road? road are not safer place. pets move around freely in park. but some persons says pets not allowed he doing shit every where. I request you please allow me a certificate of PETA for moving every pet in park because park for everybody. not only some people . they hanged a banner and write them no allow janwar like goat, cow but not write pet animal. i m very fed up with these type of activity because i love pets.

  • Sac



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