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The Dairy Industry: Sanctioned Rape

Written by PETA

Posted 01-09-2013, 10:34 AM | 43 Comments

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

We may call cows used for their milk “mothers”, but we don’t always treat them with respect. Cows used for their milk are among the most abused animals in the country, made to endure rape and the kidnapping of their young before they are murdered. At a time when India is rightly focused on improving the lives of women, let’s be sure not to leave our female animal friends behind. As PETA founder Ingrid E Newkirk has said, “When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. Each one values his or her life and fights the knife”.

Rape: When a female human is forcibly and involuntarily violated sexually, it’s called “rape”. When female cows are forcibly and involuntary violated sexually, it’s called “artificial insemination”. To impregnate a cow – without her consent – a person jams his or her arm far into the cow’s rectum in order to locate and position the uterus and then forces an instrument into her vagina. The cow is defenseless to stop it.

Even those in the dairy industry recognize that cows are victims: the device used to restrain cows for this invasive procedure is called a “rape rack“.


Kidnapping: There is no such thing as a “dairy cow”. Like human mothers, cows produce milk to nourish their babies. In the dairy industry, calves are stolen from their mothers immediately after they are born so that the milk meant for them can be consumed by humans. Their mothers cry out in vain, calling to their lost young ones. During PETA’s investigation of the Indian dairy industry, we found male calves whose mouths were tied shut with ropes so that they couldn’t cry out when they were hungry. These babies are then left to die a slow, agonising death in a corner. Once or twice a week, a haath gaadi wala comes by and picks up the dead bodies and sometimes dying calves and takes them to be skinned for calf leather. Female calves will follow the same doomed path as their mothers and grandmothers.

Murder: Cows can naturally live up to 18 years, but cows used for dairy production generally only live until their milk production wanes, when they are sent to slaughterhouses to be killed for their meat and skin. They are crammed onto vehicles in such high numbers that many suffocate, are inadvertently gouged by others’ horns or die en route. At the slaughterhouse, their throats are hacked at with dull knives. Often, dismembering begins before they lose consciousness.

Let’s work together to end the exploitation of all living beings. One simple but important step that we can take towards creating a kinder society is to leave meat, eggs and dairy products off our plates.

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  • Terri

    I am moved to serve GOD, I stand for compassion, so I sign.

  • Malvika Kalra

    information like this is very important to make people change their habits.

  • Adwitiya Pandey

    Will posting a comment here rescue these innocent cows and animals from the slaughter houses?
    Is this pimp-kind of thing enough on the behalf of animal lovers?
    I’ve been seeing these videos on yhe internet since a long time now and these continue to happen even at the time I am typing…
    So, dear team of PeTA India and PeTA world suggest all the commenters and visitors of the page certain steps those are feasible and can be accomplished by us else’ our mother Earth will be raped incessantly by these flesh eating morons.

  • Arif Ahmed

    how sad…y people cant think themselves at that place…if they tink…they wont do…indian govt must take strict and cruel actions for doing this type humanity less actions….

  • Deepthi Ajay

    Why don’t people imagine themselves/ their mother/ kids in the position of these helpless creatures.

  • Ashok Negi

    These are all FUCKING BASTARDS……….. After learning all these thing I am very much upset……. Strict Action should be taken against all these BASTARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richa

    Shame on us we are human being. We kill poor creature for our satisfaction. Why don’t anyone help these creatures it should not happen. It should stopped asap.

  • Vedanshi Tulshyan

    please stop it! stop these barbaric crimes and let innocent animals live in peace..:'(

  • Upasana

    This is ridiculous, shows the hypocrisy of the country in calling cows as our mothers and treating them with such inhumanity. We don’t want them to be exploited. I pledge to go milk free from today!!!

  • Anita Verma

    The Indian population in general needs to be aware how the meat comes on their plates and how cruel the whole process is!! Dogs,cows,goats,pigs,fishes all of them can breathe,feel pain get hungry and last but not the least made by god too! Just think if the positions were reversed….please turn to vegetarianism .

  • Rohit Gupta

    This is simply barbaric. Don’t have words left to speak. Are their replacement for products like Ghee, Milk and Butter.

  • Mariette Eriksson

    Its horribel to do that to animals the åeople dont come to haven they go to hell

  • RK

    Please stop this…….This is inhumane…..

  • Abhimanyu


  • Shreya Kaushik

    people eat meat which satisfies their taste that can only last for a few seconds. but this few seconds enjoyment claims life of a living being. i really cant understand why we humans do not understand that the animals are not created for our food. we do have better options instead of them right??

  • K.p.mohan

    these happen all over india Poor animals are tortured for the food (actually most of the meat is sometmes wasted )and enjoyment.Humans aretaught by some relegion sectoins that all the living ones and the natuemother itself is created by GOD for human consumption or they are the gift ofgod to mankind.We have to convrese with religeous heads to teach their disciples -All the creation of god is to be respected and to be loved ,not only human beings, The govts should includes this subject inprimary classes itself.even if a section insist on meat eating, wehe have toinsist that the poor animals are given acalm painless ending using th advantge of modern science

  • Aparna Singhal

    Please let us all take a vigorous action to stop this barbarism. Awareness among people is the most important element to stop the non-vegetarianism that has attacked India. Every other person is a non-vegetarian and I loath it when he/she tells me proudly that they eat meat. Little do they know what is on their plate! I recently personally distributed hundreds of Peta India leaflets for 5 continuous days asking people on the road to adopt vegetarianism. There should be public shows on the prominent channels of TV, Cinema Halls, signs and boards on the roads (preferably in Hindi as most of the people understand the language in India) so that people actually know what they are doing is not right. I for one, am doing my part to its utmost!

  • Sujatha Kumar

    This is such a barbaric practice. Isnt there a better or more painless way to do it? I sincerely want PETA to take this up with the authorities and make life as less tragic as possible for these gentle creatures! I am ready to support the cause.

  • KVS

    I condemn the cruelty to animals, especially cows.

  • Mns

    “One simple but important step that we can take towards creating a kinder society is to leave meat, eggs and dairy products off our plates.”
    The diary products -Milk,Butter,Ghee are the important part of VEGETARIAN diet. IF you say to leave diary products,no one could agree ,hence change the sentence excluding ” diary “

  • Deependra

    This is totally barbaric

  • Seema Biswas

    It shud really be stopped….its inhuman :(

  • Aditya Sahu

    Please ban this fuckin’ brutal shit. Lets be humans.

  • Karina Silva

    I am deeply disturbed to learn that this happens in India, will help possible way and hopefully see a step to be taken, as a solution orreu with beagles that I too could participate and help them to be rescued.
    I’ll cheer for you, this is one more achievement.

  • N.A.M.

    Why only protection of cows? What about viruses? What about bacteria? This whole morality question is wrong. Honestly I don’t get it. What about when humans exploit each other. What if killing a rat results in saving a human? Of course, I’m not saying the way animals are treated is right. I’m totally against it all.. especially the way street dogs are treated, I’ve never thrown a stone at a stray dog. A lot of big names join PETA, but I’m going to bet you anything, a stray dog bothers them, they are going to stone it. Its human nature, people just like to follow trends.

  • Khalid Qureshi

    God gave humans the right to lead dignified, safe lives, so goes for poor animals . Let us all raise our voice to curb these cruel practises . So that natural, painless procedures can be developed instead of such cruel means.

  • Ekansh Pathak

    It is really shamefull that all this is happening in India. :-( How can somebody hurt this harmless, holy animal who is referred as Goddess by our ancestors… Please stop this. :-(


    I have given up milk since knowing all these horrors of indian dairy industry

  • Anish Gupta

    if you respect your own mothers, please STOP this torture

  • S. Methe

    Believe in God have to say respect in front of life.

  • Sharad

    We must educate small children about the values of cow in oder to stop this,visiting gau kendras with small children will make them love cow.

  • Manisha Kamdar

    IN India this thing Should be stop. As we give respect ti cow as “God.”

  • Fiza

    never cried by any emotional movie or anything.. this one nearly made me drop tears.. perhaps i did drop a few

  • Syed Rizvi

    Sadly enough there a lot of people in India who will not be affected by the slaughter scene because they grow up watching these scenes from their childhood. Their hearts are hardened; however, it is worth trying softening their hearts and awaken their humanity that lies dormant in their psyche.

  • Mayank Saxena

    We as Indians should teke the responsiblity to protect Cow(our mother).

  • Manohar

    Please stop this, don’t these people have hearts….?

  • Dolly Seehra

    this should be cruel man can be!!!

  • Annie

    No words. Never knew we have been so cruel to them just for our greed. We are worse than animals.How brutal.Feel disgusted . :(

  • Sapna

    what kind of shit country we live in, where we used to call cow our mother, where we worship cows on the same time we rape kidnap and murder our mother, how diplomat and double standard we are we do the worst with our mother and says “bharat aisa desh he jaha aurato ko izzat de jati he” kya yai he bahrat ka asli chehra………is it real india?????????
    I f it so then i shame myself that i live in such kind of a country i shame on my country and shame on the double standard people live here……where women itself is the biggest enemy of a women and on the same time all MCPs are there…………I just hate myself that i live in such country….jaha hum khud ko insan kehte he par insaniyat kya hoti he hume shayad pata bhi nahi…………i hate my country……i hate my people…….i hate myself that i live in such country………..

  • Arunima Dhar

    i am a student but i wish to become a peta activist

  • Mehnaaz Indori

    All these people should be killed just the way how they torture and kill the animals.. Let them feel the pain too.

  • Amrit

    this is henious, in human act… i request people to plz stop being slave to ur taste buds and save animals…. they are loved by our gods(krishn ji)…plz save them….

  • Revathy

    Lord Krishna loved Cows …..what else can we do with these heart less people except invoke the Lord himself for intervention to save the Cows he adored so much.


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