Celina Jaitly Files Police Complaint Against Elephant Sunder’s Abuse With PETA

For Immediate Release:
28 May 2014

Benazir Suraiya; [email protected]
Sachin Bangera; [email protected]

Long-Time PETA Pal and United Nations Equality Champion Rushes to Police Station to Help Elephant Suffering From Massive Wound

Mumbai – She recently took to Twitter urging her fans to help #FreeSunder – the captive elephant held in Kolhapur by Maharashtra Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Vinay Kore, and now actor Celina Jaitly, who is an ambassador for the United Nations’ Free &Equal campaign, has gone a step further. On Monday, she rushed to the Colaba police station and urged the station to act against Sunder’s abuse after Sunder was found suffering from a massive wound on his leg. Senior Inspector Rameshwar Supley acknowledged the complaint from Jaitly. Meanwhile, a complaint against Sunder’s abuse was filed on Monday by People for Animals’ Naresh Kadyan in Delhi after he learned about Sunder’s wound.

During a recent veterinary inspection by an elephant expert, 14-year-old elephant Sunder was found with what the health examination report calls a “massive wound … as a result of constant tying with heavy chains”. The expert’s report also states that Sunder should be moved from Kolhapur to an elephant-care centre in Bangalore “on an emergency basis” as directed by the Bombay High Court. The court had ordered the Maharashtra Forest Department to move Sunderto the centre before the monsoon season. But Kore – who is not the legal owner of Sunder and has kept him on his property illegally – has attempted to block the order by filing an appeal with the Supreme Court. PETA has been campaigning for Sunder’s release since 2012 and is represented in the Supreme Court by leading animal advocate Raj Panjwani.

“Sunder is a young kid who has not seen anything but loneliness, cruelty and pain”, says Jaitly. “PETA is doing everything possible to rescue Sunder from his misery. It’s high time for Sunder’s abusers to be brought to justice, and I really hope that the Forest Department and authorities move Sunder as soon as possible before he is hurt again. We will do everything it takes to free this child!”

High-resolution photos of the huge wound discovered on Sunder’s leg earlier this month are available for download here. The investigation video can be viewed here. The broadcast-quality link can be downloaded here.

All the paperwork for Sunder’s transfer has been completed, and now the Maharashtra Forest Department simply needs to move Sunder. The health examination report also stated that Sunder’s wound can be dressed, he is not in musth(a period of sexual urge in elephants that can make them difficult to handle) and he can and should be transported to Bangalore quickly.

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