VICTORY: Nike suspends Vick, PETA Cancels Worldwide Protests

Posted on by PETA


PETA US is claiming victory—and canceling its planned day of action against Nike—as Nike has just announced that it is suspending Michael Vick’s contract without pay, a move that PETA US has been demanding for more than a week. PETA US and its affiliates had planned to hold demonstrations at Nike stores worldwide on Monday, in a day of action aimed at pressuring the company to sever ties with Vick. Over the last week, tens of thousands of e-mails were sent and phone calls were made to Nike by PETA US supporters, outraged that the company had refused to drop Vick. Michael Vick has been indicted by a US federal grand jury on dogfighting-related charges, including killing dogs who did not perform well by hanging, drowning, and electrocution. Investigators unearthed dead dogs and seized nearly 70 dogs and dogfighting paraphernalia from Vick’s property.For more on the victory, log onto You too can get involved. Join the petaDishoom Street Team ( ) and get active for animals