Special Update on Animals in Syria and Turkey and How PETA India Is Helping Them

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Update (10 May 2023): Second Chances for Turkish Dogs Tarkan and Judy

Another shipment of food and veterinary supplies recently reached animals in Syria. It’s not as easy as one-click shopping to get deliveries into the war-torn country, but Global Compassion Fund–backed teams have pulled out all the stops for the many destitute animals there, and their determination prevailed.

In Turkey, another earthquake rattled the partner veterinary clinic in Adana, but everyone inside the building is safe – including the animals still recovering there, like big boy Omar.

This sweet dog was suffering from a terrible face wound when the team found him in a park in Antakya. He also had a big tumour on his head and has since undergone surgery to remove it. Omar is recovering well, thanks to the clinic’s care.

Two patients who had the longest roads to recovery – Tarkan and Judy – have been adopted! Virtual champagne corks were popping when these two sweethearts were finally well enough to have their bags packed and move in with their new families.

The team found sweet Tarkan in an abandoned building with a broken leg and ingrown nails. They carefully transported him to the clinic for surgery. Two months later, he was fully recovered and ready to go with his new family.

Judy was in a great deal of pain after being hit by a car and not receiving any veterinary care. Her rescuers could smell the horrible infection before they approached, but they wasted no time whisking her away to the clinic for help. After a month spent recovering, she met her new family, and her tail never seems to stop wagging.

Update (13 April 2023): Amazing Work: PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund Saves 290 Earthquake-Shaken Animals in Turkey

It’s been more than three months since earthquakes convulsed Syria and Turkey, killing, injuring, and displacing countless humans and other animals. The lifeline to dogs, cats, and other survivors – through the support of PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund – remains vital as animal shelters in both countries struggle to cope. They face a shortage of medications and are surrounded by deep poverty – and countless dogs and cats are desperate to find food. PETA entities continue to help in Aleppo, Syria, and a PETA entity team from Europe was back on the ground in Antakya recently to help in Turkey, where they’ve rescued 290 dogs and cats.

Let’s Get Out of This Place – if It’s the Last Thing We Eve

One more for the road! The Global Compassion Fund–supported rescue team had just loaded nine cats, most of whom were pregnant, into their vehicle and were pulling away when one determined and hungry cat stopped them. She jumped in front of the car, bringing it to a screeching halt.

They scooped up the brave little cat and named her Lucky.

Their next stop was Maxim Park in Antakya, where veterinarians and volunteers have set up a temporary field clinic to help the many abandoned dogs and cats in the area. The city continues to bulldoze damaged buildings, razing the homeless animals’ hiding places, so the park population is growing fast. Many of the dogs and cats desperately search for food, and the team rescues as many as they can fit in their vehicle. One sweet cat was so famished that she leapt towards the food that had been offered to her, grabbing it right out of her rescuer’s hands. Another cat didn’t wait for the team to finish putting food into a carrier – he sprinted to them and leapt inside.

Six kittens who were only a couple of days old were in serious jeopardy with their mother nowhere to be found. The team gently secured them in the car, too, knowing just who would care for them.

Back at the PETA India–supported veterinary clinic, another cat who had been rescued earlier that week had lost her babies. One by one, the veterinarian carefully placed by her side the six precious, motherless kittens the rescuers had just picked up. She nuzzled into the veterinarian’s face and then lovingly accepted the kittens, lying down as they started to suckle.

Update (23 March 2023): Animals Still Desperate in Syria and Turkey Months After the Earthquakes

It’s been more than two months since earthquakes convulsed Syria and Turkey, killing, injuring, and displacing countless humans and other animals. The lifeline to dogs, cats, and other survivors, through the support of PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund, remains vital as an animal shelter in Syria struggles to cope – with few medications and surrounded by deep poverty – and a PETA entity team from Europe heads back to Antakya, Turkey, to help.

Turkey has long struggled with cat and dog overpopulation. In Antakya, pregnant cats are searching through the rubble to find a safe place to give birth. To survive, their kittens will have to learn to dodge traffic and scavenge through garbage dumps to fill their empty stomachs.

Our team is scooping up these pregnant cats as fast as they can. The nearest shelter is about four hours away, and it’s at maximum capacity. And as most of Turkey is focused on rebuilding, local animal advocate partners are desperately working to build support to house rescued, homeless animals and abate this terrible crisis.

Rescuers from PETA entities in Europe are there now, racing against time to rescue more injured and pregnant animals and help our local partners deal with many challenges.

Teams supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund have begun successful, worldwide sterilisation programmes and are now sterilising animals affected by the earthquakes. Meanwhile, teams in other countries are attempting to persuade celebrities to speak out for those who need homes.

Rushing Aid to War-Torn Syria

In Syria, as much as the government wants parts of the country to be reopened to tourism, there are grave dangers and open hostilities, and countries are advising their citizens not to venture there. As Global Compassion Fund support reached a Syrian rescue organisation, the results of a country marred by civil war showed in the ramshackle shelter we’re trying to help and in the scarcity of volunteers willing to risk physical assault to save animals.

“We are mocked and humiliated on a daily basis during our missions, and volunteers are risking their life every single time they rescue animals. If a soldier doesn’t like what you are doing or doesn’t like how you answered their questions, they can easily shoot you down without any hesitation, with no accountability to anyone.”

– A worker with a Syrian animal rescue organisation backed by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund

The risks haven’t stopped the group from rescuing animals and establishing a makeshift shelter for those without homes. They still pull animals from the dust and debris – even now, more than two months after the earthquakes – and help the survivors they find. They either provide what care they can on the spot or, if possible, arrange transport to Beirut for those who need surgery.

The shelter is in desperate need of repairs and medication, and in a country where corruption and chaos rule, getting money to the organisation is no easy feat. But PETA entities’ resolve has helped donors’ support of the Global Compassion Fund reach the team and power their brave fight for animals.

Update (16 March 2023): Cat and Guardian Find Hope in the Darkness of Devastation

An earthquake brought a building down on top of Elif and her grandparents, burying the 16-year-old under a mountain of debris. When her father and uncle were finally able to reach the area the next day, they frantically dug through the rubble to save her life. They found her grandparents dead and Elif alive but badly injured. Pulled from the collapsed building, she was devastated to learn about her grandparents and that Behlul, her beloved cat, was nowhere to be found and also presumed dead.

Nearly a month later, while Elif was recovering from the trauma and her horrible leg injury, a team supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund was still on the ground in Antakya, about 3 miles away, racing to rescue as many cats and dogs as possible before officials demolished the unstable buildings these displaced, escaped animals were using for shelter.

Among them was a terrified cat who avoided the team at every turn, but PETA India–supported rescuers never say never! Eventually, they were able to get a little closer to the hungry fellow and used pungent food to earn his trust. He couldn’t resist, and into the trap he went. They named him Erkan, and he was soon at a partner veterinary clinic in Adana, enjoying his fill of long-missed food and water.

That’s when the veterinarian scanned him for a microchip, and the stored information revealed his guardian’s name and phone number as well as his real name – Erkan was actually Elif’s precious Behlul!

The clinic set up a video call, and Elif and her family were overjoyed to find their beautiful cat safe and sound. They made their way to Adana, and soon the cat was nestled in Elif’s arms.

“This work involves many dark and difficult moments, and many stories don’t have happy endings, but I will never forget the joy on their faces and Behlul’s purr upon being reunited with his beloved Elif.”

– Mimi Bekhechi, PETA UK vice president and rescue team member

The determined rescuers, from multiple PETA entities, risked their lives to save 182 dogs, cats, birds, and fish. They smashed through locked doors and scrambled up crumbling staircases in countless unstable buildings to get to animals trapped inside. At night, covered from head to toe in dust, they brushed themselves off, walked the dogs at the partner veterinary clinic, and arranged transport for those with clean bills of health for a chance at a better life. Please support this vital work.

Local partners are still on the ground in Turkey, and you can support them and the care of animals affected by the earthquakes by donating to PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund.

Update (3 March 2023): Rescuers Brave Unstable Buildings to Save Animals

The team supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund carefully loaded a homeless cat with a painfully broken tail into the rescue vehicle so he could be treated at the closest veterinary clinic. About to leave the area, they were suddenly stopped by relentless, hoarse cries coming from a nearby rooftop.

They looked up to see a cat standing on the roof’s narrow ledge, staring down at them. Afraid he would jump, one brave rescuer quickly scaled a broken iron fence to reach the closest balcony. From there, she squeezed her way through a small hole in the wall to get to the damaged building’s staircase. Once she was on the roof, the hungry cat went straight to the pungent food inside the carrier. Success!

The team arrived at the clinic, where the vet scanned for a microchip that revealed a mobile phone number. The cat’s grateful guardian called out his name, Duman, which caused him to arch his back and rub against the device. The pair have since been reunited and are now in a safer location in Turkey!

Update (28 February 2023): Rescuers Race Against Time to Save Animals as Buildings Are Demolished

Turkey struggled with animal overpopulation before the devastating earthquakes, and countless cats and dogs who relied on scraps from shops and restaurants to survive are now finding only dust and debris where those establishments once stood. Desperate to fill their stomachs, they gather wherever they can find a morsel to eat.

Police overseeing demolitions are delivering food to cats who have begun using the nearby unstable structures for shelter and assisting the team, supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund, in getting in and out of the buildings quickly, taking the animals to safety. Rescuers only have a short window of time before crews begin razing the buildings!

The team loaded up food, traps, carriers, and other supplies and quickly got to work, scooping up as many cats as they could fit into the rescue vehicles, and then off they drove to safety at a partner veterinary clinic. Now the cats are being treated and are on the roster for sterilisations to combat the overpopulation crisis. Meet just a few of the precious animals rescuers saved that day:

Dylan is enjoying some affection from the team and clinic staff while he awaits his turn to be neutered.

Enes is receiving treatment for a painful eye infection. He’s neutered and microchipped, so staff are looking for his guardians.

Kelly – like several other females the team has rescued – is pregnant. After she gives birth and when her kittens are old enough, they’ll all be sterilised.


Brandon is a healthy boy and will be neutered soon.

Update (27 February 2023): MUST WATCH – Venus Reunited With Grateful Guardians

Venus’ guardians returned to their damaged apartment hoping to find their beloved cat but came out empty-handed. Their luck changed when they met up with rescuers supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund. Knowing she was likely terrified from the tumult of the earthquakes and aftershocks, the team had to search hard for her. They found the traumatised cat hiding in a dark, cramped space behind a washing machine and skilfully coaxed her into a carrier. Get out your tissues: this sweet reunion will pull at your heartstrings!

Hell, No. We Won’t Go Without the Cat!

Near the shattered glass entryway of a building, the team could hear a cat loudly calling for help from somewhere inside. Following the desperate mews, they discovered him behind a padlocked door in the basement. A police officer nearby refused to open it, saying it would be against the law to enter government grounds. They quickly found another officer, who was a little more sympathetic and called the fire department, but it, too, refused to assist, citing the law and saying it was just too dangerous. But the rescuers were not going to abandon this cat! After the police had left, one of the team members slipped back into the building and raced down the stairs into the basement, which was pitch black. She smashed a glass window in the door with a hammer, and out came the cat, straight into the carrier. With this “mini rebellion” over, everyone rejoiced, and Kirk the cat celebrated with a lot of long-missed food and water.

Update (23 February 2023): Trapped Cat Inside! Demolition Crews Set to Collapse Unstable Buildings

Antakya, one of the hardest hit regions in Turkey, is chaotic with activity, as the military, police, and demolition crews work to bring down unstable buildings. But hold on! Rescuers supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund spotted a cat who was trapped in one of the structures marked for demolition.

They heard the cat mewing loudly from an upper balcony, his ears tilted forward as if he might jump. A crane was nearby, but the police refused to allow it near the building, saying it was too dangerous. Meanwhile, Teo, a PETA UK rescuer, wasn’t about to let the cat be crushed. She threw caution to the wind, ran inside the building, scrambled up the damaged stairs, kicked open a locked door, and reached the traumatised cat just in time! Tony, as the cat was called, was soon eating and drinking and on his way to the veterinarian.

Outside, the team had found an old dog they called Wallace sleeping in the debris-strewn grass. Wounds on his face needed to be examined by a veterinarian. He woke up as his rescuers slowly approached, lowering his head, thumping his big tail, and carefully taking the food they offered. Despite all he’d been through without a guardian to care for him, look at how this sweet boy returned the love showered on him by the team as they gently caressed him and applied antiseptic spray to his injuries.

A frantic father and son were scouring the area for help when they spotted the team rescuing animals nearby. They asked the team to rescue two cats they had left behind in two different buildings when they fled from the earthquake. The rescuers quickly found one cat, called Bordun, and rushed her to the appreciative father.

The father was too afraid to enter the other apartment building, but the team members were not. They discovered a cat’s bowls of food and water untouched, but the animal was nowhere to be found. He had likely darted out through a large hole in the wall during the quake.

However, Little Bidi, whom another guardian had requested the team’s help in locating, was rescued that day.

After the rescued animals were scanned for microchips and none were found, the crew headed to the veterinary clinic in Adana. They helped the overwhelmed staff there by walking the dogs and offering food and water to the animals while the veterinarian tended to Tony, Wallace, and the others.

Update (22 February 2023): Rescuers Find Animals Alive Amid the Rubble

Global Compassion Fund partner HARK is getting reports from guardians contacting its emergency line, most recently asking it to try to locate three cats who were left behind. The team supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund is on the ground, following up on the requests as they look for any stranded, starving animals. At the first stop, the team spotted cats James and Samir observing them. The handsome fellows were fed, scooped up, and safely secured in the rescue vehicle. Off to the next location!

Recent aftershocks left the road to another cat impassable, so the team grabbed food and traps before putting on hard hats and setting off on foot. Soldiers saw them coming and pointed them to two cats hiding in the rubble. Turşu and Mia were famished and came towards the food the team laid out for them, making it easy to gather them up.

A resident still living in the area saw what the rescue team was doing and beckoned it to follow him. A cat he had been feeding, Lori, had an injured paw from falling debris during the quake, and he wanted the team to have her leg tended to and give her the chance to be taken from this unsafe place and adopted.

Spotting several other cats in the area, the team honed in on one with a painful eye injury. He had his ears flattened and his back arched, clearly terrified. The team slowly set out the trap and some pungent food, sure to entice him, and success! Now, the cat, called CB, will get the help he needs. The team fed the rest of the cats in the area and left a supply of food behind for the man who refuses to leave and is feeding the remaining cats. That’s when sweet Olaf confidently approached them, tail upright, softly meowing. They returned his affections before lifting him into a carrier, then set off for the veterinary clinic in Adana. Cwill need to have his eye – as well as a couple of painfully infected teeth – removed, but the vet has good news: Lori will heal quickly from her broken toes.

Once some of the animals the team has rescued over the weeks heal, they will be moved to HARK’s sanctuary – a safe haven for rescued animals supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund. HARK’s partnership with started before the earthquakes, and it became a loving home for some now-happy white pigs PETA entities rescued from experiments in laboratories.

Update (21 February 2023): Danger Returns as Two Huge Aftershocks Rock Turkey

Rescuers supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund had just plucked starving earthquake survivors Quaid, Kim, and Ada from the debris-filled streets of Antakya when a dust-covered Turkish army vehicle pulled up to them. A soldier emerged and handed the team a bundle containing Roberta, a frightened puppy his squad had rescued from a nearby collapsed building.

Then, just as they were preparing to leave for the clinic in Adana with their latest rescues, the ground they were standing on began moving violently. A 6.3-magnitude earthquake was rolling through the area, collapsing damaged buildings they had searched only hours earlier. The team hardly had a chance to calm their nerves when that nasty scare was followed by a 5.6-magnitude aftershock! While all were shaken up, thankfully no one was hurt, and they soon set off with a van full of rescued animals.

In Adana, staff at the veterinary clinic, which had already been damaged, were shaken by this latest quake, too, and were now facing a new problem: they were becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of rescued animals in need of urgent care!

One member of the team quickly worked with the head veterinarian to find a solution: the clinic would hire more temporary staff to help feed and care for the survivors, and rescuers would arrange to transport some of the animals to another clinic that had more space.

Quaid, Roberta, Kim, and 14 other uninjured dogs and cats are now heading on the long drive to Istanbul to be reunited with their families or to find new loving homes.

Update (18 February 2023): Leona Cries Out for Help

Leona – named after the British singer for her attention-grabbing, belting voice – was heard crying loudly from a balcony on the fourth floor of an unstable block of flats. PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund helped fund a crane, and the rescuers teamed up with local animal protection group Hachiko to reach the balcony. The crew pushed open the balcony door, and after quickly scooping up little Leona, they carried her back down the crumbling stairs. Leona is thin and dehydrated after being trapped for 12 days in the ruined building, but she’s now safely recovering.

PETA UK’s team also partnered with Hachiko to rescue three cats from the fourth floor of another unstable building. After over an hour of smashing at the flat’s metal entranceway with hammers, wrenches, and anything they could find, the team finally broke down the door and was able to enter and rescue Jeffrey, Ella, and Chloe. The terrified animals were found hiding in the lining of a couch and cowering inside a wardrobe.

PETA UK’s team found Judy hobbling on a painful, wounded leg that had been wrapped in a now filthy bandage. After speaking to local people, they learned she had been hit by a car a few days earlier, and in a rudimentary attempt to help her, someone had wrapped an old scarf around her wound, which had since become dirty and smelly, resulting in an infection. She was driven to veterinarians at the HAYTAP camp to be given painkillers, antibiotics, and lots of love!

Update (17 February 2023): 

PETA UK staff members spread out across Adana, Ankara, and Kahramanmaraş to save more lives. Read these rescue updates from the team – they are sure to melt your heart.

Pisa was found in the remains of her destroyed home. Terrified, she was initially wary of the rescuer’s helping hands – but she was also too hungry to resist the food offered to her. Now, she is happily cosying up with the team in the knowledge she is safe and warm.

The remains of Pisa’s home, where she was found

Ceku, who is only 4 months old, was found in Kahramanmaraş with terrible wounds and puncture marks all over her neck after being attacked by other dogs. PETA UK took this sweet girl to a veterinary clinic in Adana, where her wounds are healing.

Members of Henry’s family perished in the earthquake over two weeks ago. His only remaining guardian, now destitute, made the heartbreaking choice to hand him over to rescue workers who could help treat his broken rear leg and find him a new loving home. The PETA UK team drove him from Kahramanmaraş to a clinic in Adana so his injuries could be treated.

These stories cover just a few of the many animals saved and helped that day. The team also partnered with local animal protection group Hachiko to rescue a cat from a balcony, who was reunited with their extremely grateful guardian.

Local animal protection group HAYTAP has set up an emergency veterinary clinic in a tent in the destroyed city of Antakya, Hatay. PETA UK’s team on the ground has been delivering wounded animals to this makeshift clinic so they can receive the care they urgently need.

Update (16 February 2023): Day 6 – Moments of Hope Amid the Misery and Chaos

“As the images of the fractured cities of Syria and Turkey fade from our television screens and social media feeds, as they inevitably will, I want to encourage people to continue to do all they can to help the victims – of all species – because they really do need all the support they can get.”
– Mimi Bekhechi, Vice President, PETA UK

 It’s been almost two weeks since a massive earthquake tore through Turkish cities like Kahramanmaraş, and for dozens of distressed and frightened animals, such as Bruno, Sarah, and Bear, the life-saving work of rescuers like PETA UK’s Mimi Bekhechi is bringing hope – as well as food, warmth, and much-needed care – to the ruins of the ravaged city.

Sarah was trembling, terrified from her ordeal, but the team knew something else was wrong when she couldn’t keep down the food they gave her – and she couldn’t move. As seen in the photo, Mimi and the team gently loaded her into a rescue van that whisked her away to seek veterinary care to try to determine what’s wrong and if she can be saved.

Bruno had been found alone, tethered to a post amid the rubble. This sweet, friendly pup’s energy contrasted with the dull, grey landscape as the team approached him. He appeared to be uninjured and was happy to have food and water before going to the vet.

A massive 2-month-old dog named Bear bounded towards the rescuers, the big bowl of food and water waiting for him a welcome sight. He, too, was saved and went with them.

The team headed into what was left of a house, where they found four cats. All were taken – along with Sarah, Bruno, and Bear – to the closest veterinary office, which was hours away.

When they arrived, all three dogs tested negative for parvovirus – which was a relief – and many of the animals were hungry. Sarah’s blood work confirmed liver and kidney problems, likely from ingesting something poisonous.

It was a long day, but the team dug deep to find a second wind. More foster homes had to be located. Later, once all the injured dogs and cats have healed, everyone – including those being fostered by temporary guardians – will be driven to Istanbul and Ankara, where loving families will adopt them.

Next, a couple of team members headed to Hatay province to see if they could find someone going into Syria who could help with the establishment of a new supply chain for shelters there. The rest of the team headed back to Kahramanmaraş to try to find cats who are trapped in the worst-affected area.

Even now, days after the catastrophe struck, a few humans and animals are still being pulled out from the rubble alive. Rescuers supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund will be in the region as long as animals need the lifelines they’re providing.

Update (15 February 2023): Day 5 on the Ground Helping Animals

The 40 birds the team rescued from a destroyed shop a few days ago are on their way to a sanctuary in Ankara after getting the OK from the vet who examined them. As the team members were saying their goodbyes, they noticed that some of the birds had recovered enough from their ordeal to couple up and had begun preening each other.

The team was in Kahramanmaraş loading up on rescue supplies and looking for animals in distress when rescuers heard little Lewis meowing loudly. His sad, lonely cries for help led the team right to the spot among the destroyed buildings where he was holed up. Lewis was desperately hungry, like other survivors the team has helped so far, but, thankfully, uninjured.

Destroyed buildings surround the busy intersection where the team found Zack begging for food. His rescuer scooped him into a carrier and moved him to a safer location away from the constant stream of cars and trucks whizzing by and is working to find homes for both him and Lewis.

The team found Fred trying to manoeuvre his way through a dangerous mess of shattered glass and was able to prevent him from getting injured. He warmed up to his rescuer immediately, enjoying the food she offered, and soon he, too, joined the other rescued animals.

Support Reaches Animals in Syria

Global Compassion Fund support is also helping cats, dogs, chickens, and other animals in Syria. A partner organisation needed help with food, veterinary care, and fuel to transport them to the nearest clinic, more than 200 miles away, so we stepped in to provide the funds.

Update (14 February 2023): Day 4 on the Ground Helping Animals

You won’t want to miss these sweet rescues from Turkey!

Our Global Compassion Fund is supporting members of partner organisations and other rescuers who are risking their lives – as buildings are continuing to collapse – to get 60 animals to safety after massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria destroyed everything they’ve ever known. PETA ’s team on the ground has pulled animals from the rubble and relieved other rescuers of having to rush cats, dogs, and birds to veterinarians and safe houses. Another rescuer from PETA US joined the team today, expanding its capacity to help.

Meet a Few of the Recently Rescued Animals

This is Talia, who was found limping through the devastated streets of Kahramanmaraş with a hideously painful, broken hip likely caused by debris falling from crumbling buildings. She had spent the days following the earthquake trying to stay warm and find food amid the misery and chaos surrounding her, all while pregnant. Talia is now safe at a clinic in Adana, where she’s undergoing hip surgery.

Thanks to generous Global Compassion Fund supporters, Valentina is getting the vital emergency help she needs. This puppy is deeply traumatised, and her leg is broken in two places. Her intense pain was bad enough, but now she may lose her leg. PETA UK’s rescue team took her to a veterinary clinic, where she’s receiving care and pain relief.

The veterinarian examining Finn revealed that this poor cat had already healed from a broken leg just before the earthquake! Luckily, Finn somehow managed to avoid falling debris and collapsing buildings without injury. She has had a bout of stomach woes – likely from scavenging through the ruins for food – but is now resting with a full stomach of nutritious food and is otherwise healthy, safe, and ready for a better life ahead!

Update (14 February 2023): Rescued! Plucked From the Rubble of an Earthquake Epicentre

Survivors! Rescuers supported by PETA India’s Global Compassion Fund have been digging through what’s left of destroyed buildings to rescue any surviving animals and get them veterinary care, if needed.

This sweet dog was found in the rubble at one of the earthquake epicentres in Elbistan, Turkey. She had gone for days without food and was suffering tremendously from a broken leg! The team rushed her to the closest veterinary clinic for surgery, and the Global Compassion Fund is paying the bills. As it’s doing for many other animals, partner group Vegan Derneği Türkiye (TVD) is already working to find her a loving home to recover in.

Soldiers helping quake victims had seen this terrified cat limping through the ruins for a few days but had had no luck catching her. After rescuers managed to scoop her up and take her to a veterinarian, the team was alarmed to learn that the soldiers had spotted her with a kitten, too! Rescuers are heading back to Elbistan to search for the kitten, while TVD is posting the photo on social media to try to locate her guardians, if they’re still alive. Stay tuned for more updates.

PETA US is sending another fieldworker to join rescuers from PETA UK, and they’ll do whatever is needed the most. Meanwhile, PETA US has shipped 200 fur coats – donated by its kind members who realised what the animals used to make them endured and who will never wear fur again – to Turkey and Syria to warm those who are now homeless and experiencing freezing cold.

Update (13 February 2023): PETA UK Rushes to Help Animals With Broken Bones Who Were Trapped in Rubble

This morning, PETA UK helped the plucky local volunteers from a shelter in Elbistan, a town at the epicentre of one of Turkey’s two devastating earthquakes. These heroes have been risking everything to dig through rubble and pull out animals from buildings that have collapsed or are about to fall. They have been able to provide animals with food and water, something they have gone without for days, and PETA UK was able to pitch in to help them: the group’s team is now rushing two puppies, two cats with broken bones, and another cat whose vision appears to have been impaired to the closest veterinary clinic in the city of Adana for urgent medical attention.

All were pulled from the rubble of collapsed buildings, and who knows what their level of trauma is. It is a seven-hour journey to get them veterinary attention, so the team is making tracks to get them that help as quickly as possible.

These animals likely suffered for days, trapped under the debris in near-freezing temperatures. They desperately need treatment and care.

After taking these animals to a veterinary clinic, the team will return right away to the stricken Kahramanmaraş area to help more animals who have been trapped or otherwise injured in the catastrophe. Check back later for further updates.

Update (12 February 2023): PETA UK Brings 40 Birds Trapped in a Pet Shop to Safety

PETA UK has arrived in Turkey to help dogs, cats, birds, and other animals who are trapped, frightened, or injured or have been left homeless by the earthquake.

Today, working with local rescuers, they managed to bring 40 birds from a damaged pet shop in the city of Kahramanmaraş to safety.

The shop was located in the basement of a building that was about to collapse. Sadly, the cats, dogs, and fish who were trapped in the shop had already died, but these 40 survivors are now in safe hands and will be examined by veterinarians before being driven to a sanctuary near Ankara tomorrow.

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