“Till the Dawn, Waiting” Exposes the Plight Abandoned Animals Face

Posted on by PETA

Good news, gamers! underDOGS, the creators behind gaming hits such as Skatelander and 4 Pics Trivia, have released a new pro-animal game called “Till the Dawn, Waiting”, which promotes taking excellent care of companion animals and never abandoning them. Spoiler alert: It will tug on your heartstrings!

“Till the Dawn, Waiting” is an emotional, narrative-based gaming experience that shows players how stranded, betrayed and alone animals must feel when their guardians, who are responsible for their safety and well-being, leave them behind. The game puts players in Barney’s paws, a dog whose guardians have tied him to a stake and left him for dead on the side of a desert road. But Barney doesn’t understand what happened and is left waiting till dawn.

Players click on Barney’s different thought bubbles to advance through the game and experience firsthand the rollercoaster of emotions abandoned animals like Barney go through. The top-notch graphics enhance the melancholy nature of the content, and no matter what players choose Barney keeps hoping that his guardian will come back and save him. Barney’s continual love and dedication to his callous guardian demonstrates how trusting and loyal dogs are, which are just a few of the many reasons canines are such wonderful and loving companions.

Don’t leave your companion animals waiting till dawn for you. Abandoning animals is inexcusable and every guardian has a lifelong responsibility to keep companion animals safe. If a companion animal is abandoned or left unattended, they could easily fall prey to human violence, traffic accidents, disease or worse.

Honor your commitment to your companion animals by always taking excellent care of them and protecting them from harm. If you see or know of anyone abusing animals, do something! Your compassion in action can save both animal and human lives.