This Diwali, Say No to Patakas

Posted on by PETA

Encourage your friends, family and everyone you know to make this Diwali special for animals, too, simply by not bursting firecrackers! You can take the following two easy steps:

  1. Tweet a photo of your cat or dog with a note encouraging people not to use crackers in a way your dog or cat may say it tagging @petaindia and using the hashtag #SayNoToPatakas.

For example, your message might look like this: “Crackers confuse me!” #SayNoToPatakas @petaindia

PETA celebrated Diwali in a noiseless, animal-friendly way, with our animal friends. #SayNoToPatakas

  1. Share your photo on Facebook, Instagram and other social-media pages. We may retweet your inspiring action or share it in a future blog post.

So what are you waiting for? Get going!

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