Strongest Man Eats Green

Posted on by PETA

He can raise a car clear off the ground, toss huge logs through the air and lift monster dumbbells – and he hates cruelty to animals. Patrik Baboumian, holder of the “Strongest Man of Germany” title, is a plant-eater!

Patrik recognizes that a healthy, plant-based diet gives him the protein and nutrients he needs to build muscle and strengthen his immune system, without clogging his arteries with saturated fat. He also knows that only cowards hurt animals and that one of the most macho things a guy can do is to stop eating foods that cause animals immense suffering.

And he is not alone in thinking so! World-famous athletes and boxing champs like Olympian Sushil Kumar, UFC fighter Mac Danzig, Mike Tyson and many more get their energy from a veggie diet.

Patrik stands up for what he believes in – on the homepage of his website, right next to his motto, “Born to Be Bada**”, there’s a PETA Germany video. If this lean, green, weight-lifting machine told me to go vegan and save animal lives, I believe I’d listen to him.