Stronger, Fitter, Faster: Vegan Athletes and Health Influencers

Posted on by PETA

Athletes, coaches, nutritionists, and many other health influencers are showing the world one biceps, bite, and marathon at a time that eating vegan food is an excellent way to improve one’s health and take things to the next level.

Abhishek Thevar: Professional Bodybuilder, Trainer, and Certified Nutritionist

“I became vegan overnight six years ago after I learned how cruel the dairy industry is to cows from watching a PETA India video. Vegan foods provide a properly balanced diet with macro- and micronutrients that will help you achieve all of your fitness goals. Being vegan also helped me recover from a severe accident very quickly. My doctors said they have never seen such fast recovery in their entire career.”

Kuntal Joisher: High-Altitude Trekker and Hiker

“I learned the true meaning of empathy and compassion the day I decided to turn vegan, some 17 years ago. It was the best decision that I’ve made in my entire life. Just because animals don’t look and speak like us doesn’t mean that their lives and feelings are of any less value. I’ve never eaten meat in my life and I was able to successfully build top-of-the-world level muscle and endurance, and not only survive but thrive in the -50C temperatures atop Mount Everest—twice!”

Rajan Sharma: Calisthenics Expert and Trainer; Founder of All India Strength War

“As an athlete, being vegan has helped me improve physically, mentally and spiritually. I now understand and honour Mother Nature better than ever.”

Gunjan Sharma: Calisthenics Coach; Gymnast; Founder of Flexible Fitness

“I’ve been vegan for the past four and a half years, and I feel blessed with my health, performance, happiness, positivity, peace, and love towards nature. My body and mind are super content with my choice to be vegan, as I believe that it is the first step towards a healthy, happy, and peaceful life.

Nikita Solanki: Yoga Instructor; Fitness Enthusiast; Certified Vegan Nutritionist

“Since going vegan in 2016, I have ventured into a whole new fitness paradigm. Triathlons, marathons, and many other exciting fitness challenges that I never thought I’d do have become a wonderful addition to my life. Yes, being vegan makes you happy and peaceful from within.”

Ajitesh Verma: Calisthenics Expert; Fitness Enthusiast

“I went vegan nine years ago for animals. Somewhere during this blessed journey, I discovered that whole vegan foods happen to be the healthiest for humans and the most sustainable for the planet. At 40 years of age, I am fitter than ever. Veganism is truly a blessing.”

Sandeep Kumar: Ultra-Runner; Fitness Coach; Marathon Trainer

“After I realised that I was eating a lot of inflammatory foods, including milk, cheese and butter, I reduced my dairy intake until one day I went vegan altogether, which keeps me in great athletic shape. My speed increased within two months and I dropped 15 minutes off of my last marathon time without even training for it. I stopped getting muscle stiffness and joint pain, my energy levels and weight have improved, and I recover quicker. I also choose to be vegan to help the environment and animals, as I do not want to exploit or kill another sentient being.”

Roshni Sanghvi: Certified Vegan Nutritionist and Fitness Coach

“After I went vegan, my performance and stamina increased. I was able to sustain longer, be it with my endurance or strength. My recovery improved, and with it, I was able to spend more time on my training without landing an injury. My immunity also improved drastically. When you stop eating dairy and meat, your body starts healing and detoxing by itself. Within a week, you will see an improvement in your performance.”

Vishwajeet Sangle: Tennis Player

“Since I’ve shifted to a plant-based diet my overall mental and physical health has improved drastically. As I take more fibre from a plant-based diet my muscles have got better toning. This diet has helped me in improving overall health. I recommend everyone to follow it, not just athletes.”

As these vegan athletes have shown, going vegan is a health upgrade. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and other vegan foods have the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients the human body needs without the cholesterol, contaminants, and saturated fat found in animals’ milk, flesh and eggs. Consuming vegan foods can maintain and improve one’s health, and reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other life-threatening conditions. Vegans spare billions of animal lives—just one vegan saves nearly 200 animals each year—and combat climate change. If everyone went vegan, we could prevent more than 8 million human deaths due to diseases linked to meat consumption and cut 70% of global greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050.

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