Sonakshi Sinha Speaks Up for Homeless Dogs

Posted on by PETA


Just in time for International Homeless Animals’ Day, PETA is releasing a brand-new ad featuring Bollywood starlet Sonakshi Sinha and an adorable canine friend, Bambi. In the ad, which was shot by photographer Russi Modi (make-up and hair were done by Nileysh Parmaar), the A-list star urges everyone always to adopt homeless dogs and to sterilise them in order to avoid adding to the millions of strays trying to survive on the streets.

Approximately 25 million dogs live on the streets of India. Many of them starve to death, are injured or abused or are hit by vehicles. Countless others languish in animal shelters waiting for a permanent home. Every time someone buys a dog or cat from a breeder or pet shop, a wonderful homeless animal loses a chance at finding a loving family.

The solution is as easy as ABC: animal birth control. Sterilising one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years, and sterilising one female cat can prevent 370,000 births in seven years. Sterilised animals also live longer, healthier lives and are less likely to roam, fight or bite.

“All around the country homeless dogs and cats starve or are injured in fights, hit by cars or abused by cruel people”, Sonakshi says. “There aren’t enough good homes for them all. The single most important thing that we can do to save animals from all their suffering that their overpopulation causes is to sterilise them.”

Sonakshi is a long-time supporter of PETA India and has been rescuing animals – including her late dog, Nancy, her devoted companion for 14 years – since her college days. She has also recorded a PETA public service announcementencouraging the sterilisation and adoption of homeless dogs and cats.

What You Can Do

Take PETA’s pledge always to adopt (never buy from pet shops or breeders) and sterilise dogs and cats in order to avoid contributing to dog and cat homelessness.