Shahid Kapoor Loves Chicks

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Considering that he was named PETA Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian in Asia in 2009, it’s safe to say that chicks love Shahid Kapoor, too. Even the soft, fuzzy kind of chick loves this Bollywood hottie!

A vegetarian, Shahid wouldn’t eat a chicken if his life depended on it. After all, many chickens aren’t as lucky as Shahid’s cute little friends. Kept in filthy, crowded sheds, chickens on factory farms are debeaked, have their throats slit and are sometimes scalded to death, all without being given any painkillers. Like chickens, all animals who are raised and killed for food are treated cruelly. Cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats are transported in such high numbers that many die en route. At the slaughterhouse, workers hack at the animals with blunt knives – in full view of the other terrified animals. Fish, too, suffer when they are pulled into an atmosphere in which they cannot breathe

Eating animal products is also disastrous to the planet  and horrible for your health. Consumption of meat and other animal products has been conclusively linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer and salmonella and other bacterial infections.

Vegetarians are also hotter: on average, vegetarians are thinner and trimmer than meat-eaters. Judging from the ad above, it’s obvious that Shahid is a fine and fit poster boy for a vegetarian lifestyle!

“I have always supported the cause of being a vegetarian, and it’s nice to be felicitated for something so close to my heart”, says Shahid.”Being voted as sexy is a matter of perception, but being vegetarian is a lifestyle change and something that comes from a sense of responsibility.” The hot actor also goes on to say that it’s a myth that “fitness cannot be achieved by eating vegetarian food”.

So, even though you may not be a Bollywood hero like oh-so-sexy Shahid, you can still be a hero to animals by taking the Pledge to Be Veg today!

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