Designer Purvi Doshi’s New Marine Runway 2019 Collection Makes Waves at Pernia’s Pop-Up Show

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Ace designer Purvi Doshi‘s special Marine Runway collection dedicated to PETA India at Pernia’s Pop-Up Show in Mumbai made waves!

All the outfits in this new collection carry a tag explaining why Purvi’s supporting our “Fish in Tanks? No, Thanks” campaign. The show took a spectacular turn when the models strutting the ramp covered with polythene broke the bags to show why it’s cruel to keep fish in captivity.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what happened on the runway:


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PETA India’s Associate Director of Celebrity and Public Relations @sachinsbangera talks about @purvi.doshi’s Marine Runway 2019 collection showcased at @perniaspopupshow, hosted by the affable @karansinghchhabra. #FishInTanksNoThanks #Throwback

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Imagine being stuck inside a small glass room forever. You’re scared and lonely, and you wish you could get out of the prison you’re trapped in – but you can’t. That’s what life is like for fish who are kept in tanks or bowls.


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#Repost @petaindia with @make_repost ・・・ Ace designer @purvi.doshi talks about how marine animals suffer in captivity. #PurviDoshiForPETA #FishInTanksNoThanks

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#Repost @purvi.doshi (@get_repost) ・・・ Marine Runway – S/S 2019 unveiling at Pernia’s Pop up show – 15th & 16th February at Turf club, Mumbai . . . . #PurvidoshiForPeta #FishInTanksNoThanks #iwearcrueltyfreeclothing #crueltyfreefashion #veganfashion #sustainableliving #ecologicalfashion #slowfashion #fashion #style #ecofashion #colour #weavesofindia #indiainspired #contemporary #khadi #craft #ecofriendly #crueltyfree #textilesofindia #designlife #naturaldyes #handwoven #handcrafted #handmadewithlove #handembroideries #madeinindia #purvidoshi

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Fish are smart, social beings who desire freedom, just as we do. They can recognise individuals, use tools, and maintain complex social relationships. They communicate with one another through a range of low-frequency sounds – from buzzes and clicks to yelps and sobs. The pumps and filters necessary in many home aquaria can interfere with this communication.

Tropical fish were born to dwell in the majestic oceans and to forage among brilliantly coloured coral reefs. They suffer miserably when forced to spend their lives in tanks. The same is true of river fish – denied the chance to travel freely in their natural habitat, they must swim in endless circles in the same small “puddle” of water.

What You Can Do

If you enjoy watching fish, consider downloading one of the many colourful and realistic fish-themed computer screensavers available on the web. Don’t buy fish or support businesses or fairs that give fish away in contests or promotions.

And if you, too, want to show your support for PETA India’s “Fish in Tanks? No, Thanks!” campaign, please consider wearing items from Purvi Doshi‘s exquisite Marine Runway collection.