Pigeon Suspected of Being Used for Spying Held at Mumbai Hospital for Eight Months, Released Following PETA India Intervention

Posted on by Siffer Nandi

After learning that a pigeon was held at the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals (BSDPHA) in Parel as case property for an astonishing eight months, PETA India sprang into action to secure the bird’s freedom from captivity. A PETA India representative contacted officials at Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF) Police Station to request them to take cognizance of the matter and, without further delay, grant formal permission for the hospital to release the pigeon. The bird was released yesterday on the hospital premises by Colonel (Retd) Dr B. B. Kulkarni, Chief Medical Superintendent of the BSDPHA.

In May 2023, the RCF Police Station found a pigeon with a message on their wings in illegible writing, which led to suspicion of spying and caused police to seize the bird, who was sent to the BSDPHA for a medical examination as part of an investigation. Recently, the hospital informed police that the pigeon was still in its custody and sought permission to release the bird, who is healthy and therefore occupying a cage unnecessarily. After failing to receive an appropriate response, PETA India intervened by reaching out to the police. Following successful persuasion, the police promptly granted a no-objection certificate to the hospital, allowing for the bird’s release.

The Honourable High Court of Gujarat, vide its judgement in Abdulkadar Mohamad Azam Sheikh vs State of Gujarat & Ors, dated 12 May 2011, stated that birds have a fundamental right to live free in the open sky and maintained that they should not be caged. The Honourable High Court of Delhi, in its order dated 15 May 2015, also acknowledged the fundamental right of birds to fly and ruled that caging them for business or other purposes should not be permitted.

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