PETA’s ExtraVEGANza at Tag On – A Fashion Expo

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Tag On – A Fashion Expo, a platform showcasing designers & exhibitors, which took place at Bombay Exhibition Center, NESCO on September 8 proved to be the perfect platform for PETA’s ExtraVEGANza stall.

PETA exhibited an assortment of vegan products from various companies that don’t test on animals, including a faux-fur jacket from ASOS, bags from Baggit, gqpaccessories and Merci, shoes from Ethik, faux-fur sachets from The Throw Company, faux-leather sachets from Alcantara and banana-silk sarees from Pallod Creations.

Tag on expo collage

PETA’s ‘cow’ mascot also distributed badges among excited guests to proudly point out their own animal-friendly fashions with the tagline “Fake for Animals’ Sake”. Synthetic leather and faux fur materials were also displayed at the stall for awareness.

Cow Mascot at PETA stall

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