PETA India Responds to Halal Meat Hubbub With New ‘Go Vegan’ Billboard

Posted on by Anahita Grewal

Amid calls for a ban on halal meat in Karnataka, PETA India has placed a new sky-high message offering a solution that renders the whole debate moot: go vegan, and spare the life of a helpless animal who feels pain and fear every bit as much as you do.

Vegan meals spare animals immense suffering. In today’s meat, egg, and dairy industries, huge numbers of animals are raised in vast warehouses in severe confinement. Chickens’ throats are cut while they’re still conscious, cows and buffaloes are forcibly separated from their beloved calves, piglets are castrated without painkillers, and fish are cut open while they’re still alive. People who eat vegan reduce their risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and help prevent future pandemics – SARS, bird flu, swine flu, Ebola, and HIV all stemmed from confining or killing animals for food, as did COVID-19, as largely believed by experts.